Ohio Libertarian, Green Gubernatorial Candidates On the Ballot

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office has determined that both the Green and Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidates have enough valid signatures on their petitions. Each needed 5,000 valid signatures and turned in double that amount. Each will have the label “Other-party candidate” on the November ballot, instead of the label of their party. However, a bill will be introduced in Ohio soon to allow such candidates to have their party label printed on the ballot in future elections.

Illinois Independent Congressional Candidate Kept Off Ballot by Trickery, Sues Democrats

On June 29, Bill Scheuer, the Moderate Party candidate for U.S. House, Illinois 8th district, sued the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and various individuals, for fraud. Scheuer had laboriously collected 13,000 signatures to get on the November ballot. Since the legal requirement was almost 14,000, he had also contracted with an individual who promised to collect another 10,000 signatures for payment. The individual appears to have disguised his true identity, and also disguised the fact that he is a government employee associated with the Democratic Party. The individual gave Scheurer assurances that he was getting the signatures, but in fact he was not doing so. The case is Moderate Party v Dem. Congressional Campaign Committee, and has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge James B. Moran, a Carter appointee.

Reform Party Re-Files as "Political Body" in California

The Reform Party went off the ballot in California in November 2002. When a party is off the ballot in California, but wishes to re-qualify, it must notify the Secretary of State to keep track of how many registrations it has. Once it gets a number of registrations equal to 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, it is back on the ballot. The Reform Party has just re-filed its request that the state keep track of its registrations. The next tally won’t be until September 2006. The Reform Party probably has about 35,000 registrants now, and it will probably need about 90,000 to get back on. The exact number won’t be known until the November 2006 election is held; the requirement is 1% of the number of people who vote in that election. The party would have until January 2008 to meet the requirement.