Maryland Democratic State Senator Loses Primary, then gets Republican nomination

On September 26, Maryland Democratic State Senator John Gianetti revealed that he will be the Republican nominee for State Senate, 21st district, this year. He had lost the Democratic primary on September 12, in his race for re-election. Last week the Republican nominee for State Senate in that district withdrew, clearing the way for a Republican Party committee to fill the vacancy in the Republican nomination with Senator Gianetti. Gianetti also revealed that he had changed his registration from “Democratic” to “Republican”. Thanks to Ed Still for this news. Maryland “sore loser” law doesn’t cover cases like this, so the action is legal.

Ohio Gives Up On One Election Law Lawsuit

On September 26, the Ohio Attorney General conceded defeat in a lawsuit involving voter registration procedures, and asked the 6th circuit to cancel a telephone oral argument set for September 27. The case is Amy Miller v Blackwell, 04-4299. On October 22, 2004, the Ohio Republican Party had challenged the eligibility of 35,000 registered voters. Ohio County Election Boards had then set 35,000 hearings for the period October 28-30. A federal judge had enjoined the challenges, and the 6th circuit (before the election) had agreed that the process should not go forward. Long after the election, the state has been trying to persuade the same 6th circuit judges that the injunction was improper, but the state has now given up the attempt.

Nevada Gubernatorial Poll

A poll commissioned by one of Las Vegas’ daily newspapers, the Review Journal, for Governor of Nevada, shows these results:

Republican 45%; Democratic 36%; Constitution 5%; None of the Above (which is printed on Nevada ballots for statewide office) 3%; Green 1%; undecided 10%.

The Green Party needs to poll 1% to regain its party status in Nevada. It has no other statewide nominees. There is no Libertarian in the governor’s race.