Illinois Greens on Statewide Ballot

According to the campaign for the Illinois Democratic gubernatorial nominee, the Illinois Democratic Party no longer objects to the Green Party’s statewide Illinois petition. Earlier in the year, various Democratic Party officials had challenged the petition. This led to a check of that petition, which showed the party had more than 27,000 valid names (25,000 are required). The possibility still existed that the challengers would try to overturn the conclusion that the petition had enough names. However, the Greens now seem safely on the ballot. The decision won’t be official until the State Board of Elections meets on August 31.

This is only the 2nd time in history that the Green Party has appeared on the statewide ballot in Illinois (the other time was 2000). It is also the first time that any statewide minor party petition in Illinois has withstood the challenge procedure since 2002, when the Libertarian petition survived a challenge.