Independence Party Bid to Expel Fulani Supporters Defeated

On August 11, a New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn rejected attempts by the state organization of the Independence Party to expel supporters of Lenora Fulani. The court cited procedural problems with the Independence Party’s methods. The case involves members living in Brooklyn and Staten Island. A similar case involving members in Manhatten is still pending.

Natural Law Party of Michigan Nominates Candidates

The Natural Law Party was organized in the United States in 1992, and it ceased to exist as a national organization in 2004. All of its state units will be dropping off the ballot in November 2006, except for the Michigan unit. The Michigan branch of the party is the only one in the nation running any candidates. Because the Michigan procedures for parties to remain on the ballot are quite lenient, it is overwhelmingly likely that the Michigan Natural Law Party will still be ballot-qualified in 2008.

Oregon Independent Quits Gubernatorial Race

Oregon State Senator Ben Westlund, an independent candidate for Governor, withdrew on August 10. He said polls have never shown him with more than 14%. Since he had been running to win, and since victory seemed impossible to him, he is withdrawing so as not to injure the Democratic nominee. Westlund is a registered independent, but he was elected to the State Senate as a Republican. However, he is in closer agreement with the Democratic incumbent on the issue of state spending levels.

New Texas Gubernatorial Poll

A Rasmussen Poll announced on August 9 shows these Texas gubernatorial results: Republican 35%, Democratic 18%, independent Kinky Friedman 18%, independent Carole Strayhorn 18%, other and undecided 11%. “Other” in this case is the Libertarian Party nominee, the 5th name on the ballot who has not been included by name by polling companies.