Illinois Libertarians Won’t Petition Statewide in 2006

The Illinois Libertarian Party state convention, Nov. 12-13, voted not to run any statewide nominees in 2006. If no other minor party qualifies statewide in Illinois in 2006 either, Illinois voters will face a Democratic-Republican monopoly for statewide offices for the first time in 40 years, next year. However, the Constitution Party plans a statewide petition.

Elaine Brown Write-ins Equal 13% of Total

Elaine Brown, Green Party candidate for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia, was not on the ballot on November 8, but write-ins for her were tallied. In a 4-candidate race, she polled 12.9%. The totals were Thompson 1,236; Herrington 332; Brown 248; Bean 105. Bean was also a write-in candidate.

3 Independents Probably Elected to Virginia Legislature

Three independent candidates seem to have been elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, the lower house of the state legislature. In Richmond, independent Katherine Waddell has 13,423 votes. Her only opponent, Republican incumbent Brad Marrs, has 13,379. This race is so close the results are not considered final.

Also, independents Lacey Putney and Watkins Abbitt were re-elected without opposition.

New Jersey Governor Unofficial Returns

Unofficial New Jersey gubernatorial returns are: Democratic 1,152,347; Republican 948,372; Education not Corruption 26,422; Libertarian 13,700; Green 11,179; Legalize Marijuana 8,603; One New Jersey 4,914; Repeal NJDEP 3,762; Socialist Workers 2,023; Socialist 1,850.

Unofficial Returns for New York City Mayor

Unofficial returns for New York city mayor are: Republican 648,920; Democratic 477,903; Independence 74,715; Conservative 14,982; Green 7,901; Rent is Too High 4,341; Libertarian 3,105; Socialist Workers 2,568; Education 1,551. “Rent is Too High” and “Education” are labels for independent candidates, not organized parties.