White Plains Candidates for Mayor and City Council Win Dispute Over Petition Signatures

Several candidates for Mayor and City Council of White Plains, New York, had their petitions invalidated, partly because many signers wrote “W.P” instead of “White Plains” in the line for the name of the city.  They sued in state court.  On August 14, the state supreme court judge ruled from the bench that those signatures will be allowed.  A written order is expected in two days.  The candidates are running in the September 12 Democratic primary.  Thanks to Rick Hasen for the news about the problem.

Independent Voters in New York City Will be Permitted to Choose a Reform Party Primary Ballot for Mayor

The Reform Party is ballot-qualified in New York, and has decided to let independent voters participate in its Mayoral primary being held on September 12, 2017.  This will be the first time any party in New York has let independent voters vote in an actual primary for an election of this size.  Some years ago the Independence Party also decided to let New York independent voters vote in its statewide primaries, but during those years there was no actual Independence Party statewide primary.  But there were Independence Party primaries for county office outside New York city.

The Reform Party mayoral primary ballot will only have one candidate listed, Sal F. Albanese.  But there will be write-in space on the ballot, because an opportunity to ballot petition was successfully completed.  That means all write-ins will be tallied, whether the candidate written in is seeking the nomination or not.

Albanese is also seeking the Democratic Mayoral nomination, and is a Democrat.  If he wins the Reform Party nomination but not the Democratic nomination, he will accept the Reform Party nomination and will run in November.

Kansas 16-Year-Old Will Be Able to Be on Ballot to Run for Governor

Jack Bergerson, a sixteen-year-old Kansas high school student, says he intends to file for the 2018 Democratic nomination for Governor.  See this story.  The Kansas Constitution, Article I, section 1, says that Governors must have the qualifications as are provided by statute.  But there are no statutes in Kansas that control eligibility to hold the office of Governor.  Thanks to Ken Bush for the link.

Michigan Supporters of Straight-Ticket Device Want to Subpoena Some Michigan Legislators

Last month, supporters of the Michigan straight-ticket device asked a U.S. District Court to force certain state legislators to testify about their motives, when the passed the bill repealing the straight-ticket device late in 2015.  The legislators are fighting the request.  A federal magistrate will decide whether the subpoenas should be honored or quashed.  Thanks to Thomas Jones for this news.