North Carolina House Overrides Veto of Bill that Converts Judicial Elections to Partisan Elections and Makes Ballot Access Worse

On March 22, the North Carolina House voted to override the gubernatorial veto of HB 100. The bill converts trial court judicial elections from non-partisan to partisan. It also alters the petition deadline for independent candidates for all office, even president, from June to early April. This is flatly unconstitutional under Anderson v Celebrezze and also under a U.S. District Court decision from North Carolina in 1980, Greaves v North Carolina State Board of Elections. Thanks to Kevin Hayes for this news. The vote was 74-44. All Republicans voted for the bill and all Democrats voted against it. UPDATE: the North Carolina Senate will vote on the override on Thursday, March 23.

Nevada Governor Vetoes Proposal to Automatically Register Adult Citizens Known to Exist

On March 21, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a Republican, vetoed Initiative Petition Number One, which would provide that adult citizens known to exist in the state would automatically be registered to vote, unless they opt out. The proposal still will appear on the November 2018 ballot as an initiative. Here is the language of the proposal.

Write-in Candidate Elected to Pennsylvania Legislature, but Which Write-in Candidate Won is Still Unknown

On March 21, Pennsylvania held a special election for State House, 197th district. Only the Republican nominee, Lucinda Little, was on the ballot. According to Philadelphia election returns so far (with all precincts reporting), Little only received 198 votes, whereas there are 2,483 write-in votes. The two most prominent write-in candidates are Cheri Honkala for the Green Party, and Emilio Vazquez for the Democratic Party. UPDATE: the write-in results will be announced on Friday, March 24.