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Flint City Officials Will File Lawsuit to Allow Names on Mayoral Ballot

According to this story, the city of Flint has hired an attorney who is expected to sue, to enable the city to put candidates on its ballot for Mayor.


Scottish National Party Favors Proportional Representation for Great Britain

The Scottish National Party wants to convert elections for the British House of Commons to proportional representation, according to this story. The story also reports on the attitudes of the British Labour and Conservative Parties toward proportional representation.


The Union, Daily Newspaper for Nevada County, California, Carries Op-Ed Advocating Repeal of Proposition 14

David G. Briceno has this op-ed in The Union of Grass Valley, California. He advocates the repeal of the California top-two system. The Union is a daily newspaper serving Nevada County, California. Briceno notes the poor turnout in the 2014 election in California and suggests Proposition 14 helped cause that low turnout. Briceno is a Democrat.


Flint, Michigan Mayoral Ballot Now Has No Candidates Eligible

As noted earlier, Flint, Michigan, election officials told candidates they had until April 28 to file petitions to be on the non-partisan ballot for city office this year. But then it was learned that the correct deadline was April 21. Last week it was thought that one Mayoral candidate had submitted a petition by the actual deadline, but now he has been told he didn’t have 900 valid signatures, so there are no candidates’ who have qualified to appear on the ballot. Michigan permits write-in votes in all primary and general elections. See this story.


New York Times Story on Tomorrow’s Special Legislative Election That Has No Democratic Nominee

On May 5, New York will hold a special election in the 43rd district for Assembly. See this lengthy New York Times story about the race. Although the district is in an overwhelmingly Democratic district in Brooklyn, there is no Democratic Party nominee.


Concord, New Hampshire Newspaper Story on Bernie Sanders Also Covers Libertarian Ballot Access Lawsuit

This Concord Monitor story is mainly about whether Bernie Sanders can get on the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary ballot, but the bottom portion of the article also discusses the Libertarian Party’s ballot access lawsuit against the New Hampshire law, passed in 2014, that won’t let new parties petition during odd years.

There have been many Libertarian Party lawsuits against various New Hampshire election restrictions during the last twenty years, but this is the first one that has had good coverage in New Hampshire’s daily newspapers.

New Hampshire is the only state in the nation in which no minor party or independent candidate lawsuit against a state ballot access law has ever won.