Rocky De La Fuente Asks Georgia to Waive July 1 Deadline for Filing Presidential Elector Candidates

On July 28, independent presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente formally asked the Georgia Secretary of State to waive the July 1 deadline for an independent presidential candidate to file his or her slate of presidential elector candidates. Georgia’s petition deadline was July 12, and De La Fuente met that deadline.

The letter from De La Fuente’s attorney points out that Georgia does not require the ballot-qualified parties to certify the names of their presidential elector candidates that early, and thus the policy is discriminatory. It also points out that when Arizona’s similar deadline for presidential elector candidates of qualified parties was challenged in court by the Green Party earlier this year, the state did not defend that deadline.

Massachusetts Secretary of State, in a Speech, Says Voters Who Vote for Parties Other than Democratic or Republican are Wasting Their Votes

On July 27, Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin spoke to the Massachusetts delegation at the Democratic national convention. According to this story, he said that voters who vote for parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties are “wasting” their vote.

First Independent Candidate for U.S. House in Kansas Since 1984 is Likely to Qualify

Kansas has had no independent candidates for U.S. House on the ballot since 1984. However, according to this story, independent Alan LaPolice is likely to qualify this year in the First district, which covers the western half of Kansas. Kansas law requires 5,000 signatures for independents for U.S. House. No one has ever complied with that law for U.S. House. The existing law was passed in 1990. Before 1990, the requirement was 2,500 signatures for U.S. House.

Nevada Will Accept Rocky De La Fuente Petition Despite Technical Violation

On July 27, the Nevada Secretary of State reversed an earlier decision, and said she will accept the independent presidential petition for Rocky De La Fuente. The petition had been rejected because a state law says independent presidential candidates must submit a copy of the petition blank to the Secretary of State before starting to circulate. De La Fuente had submitted a copy of his petition to the Clark County elections office, but not the Secretary of State’s office. The De La Fuente petition was circulated entirely within Clark County, which has over half the state’s population.