New York State Senate Passes Bill Moving Independent Petition Deadline from August to July

On May 22, the New York State Senate passed SB 1115. It moves the primary for state and local office from September to August. It also moves the petition deadline for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties from early August to early July. The vote was 35-26.

This bill conflicts with AB 3052, which has already passed the Assembly and which moves the petition deadline to May.

Election Results in Two New York State Special Legislative Elections

On May 23, New York held special elections to fill vacancies in the 30th State Senate district in Manhattan, and the 9th Assembly district on Long Island. The results are here. To see the Assembly election, toggle out of “Senate”.

For the State Senate race in Manhattan, the results by party are: Democratic 95.1%; Republican 2.8%; Reform 2.1%. In November 2016 for this same seat, the percentages were: Democratic 90.5%; Republican 4.7%; Working Families 4.8%.

For the Assembly race, the results by party are: Democratic 52.9%; Republican 30.7%; Conservative 8.4%; Working Families 5.1%; and Independence 2.9%. In November 2016 in this district, the results had been: Republican 58.8%; Democratic 31.3%; Conservative 7.2%; Independence 2.0%; Reform .3%; Taxpayer Rights .4%.