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Three Individuals Now Claim to be Legitimate State Chair of the Women’s Equality Party

Mary Jo Tamberlin has filed paperwork, listing herself as the State Chair of the Women’s Equality Party. She is the clerk to the Niagara County Legislature, and in the recent past has been a leader of the local Republican Party. It is not known if she has changed her registration to list herself as a member of the Women’s Equality Party. There are now three individuals, each seeking to be recognized as the state chair.

New York election law says when a group gets 50,000 votes for Governor, thereby becoming a fully-qualified party, the party’s statewide nominees should decide who the state officers are. The problem in this case is that the party had four nominees for statewide office in 2014, and only two of them have recognized anyone as state chair. Because two is less than a majority of four, there are no party officers who meet the legal standard. New York state could avoid this problem if it required unqualified parties filing general election petitions for Governor to identify their state officers before the election is held. The law could potentially require such groups to list their chair on the petition, an idea is use in some other states. Thanks to Michael Drucker for this news.


New Hampshire’s Biggest Newspaper Expresses Disappointment with Court Ruling Upholding Ballot Access Barrier

The New Hampshire Union-Leader has this editorial, expressing disappointment that the Libertarian Party’s ballot access case lost in U.S. District Court on August 27. The paper is the largest newspaper in the state. It is very likely the Libertarian Party will appeal.


Montana Newspaper Story on the latest in the Republican Party’s Lawsuit Against the Open Primary

This Montana newspaper story tells the latest events in the Republican Party’s lawsuit against the open primary, as used to nominate candidates for public office.


Minnesota Ballot Access Group Forms, Meets with Secretary of State

Earlier this month, Minnesota minor parties created an informal group to work together on ballot access problems, and last week the group met with Secretary of State Steve Simon. The meeting went well and it is likely that Secretary Simon will arrange to have ballot access improvement bills introduced in the 2016 legislature. Minnesota has historically been hospitable to minor parties, and yet ironically Minnesota is one the twelve or thirteen states that has no ballot-qualified parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Other states with no statewide ballot-qualified parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties are Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington. Tennessee is ambiguous and a court will decide whether the Constitution and Green Parties are on the ballot.


The Nation Blog Carries “Pitfalls of the Two-Party System”

Haroon Riaz has written “Pitfalls of the Two-Party System”, concerning the United States, for The Nation blog. Riaz is a Pakistani banker turned writer who blogs for The Nation.


Daily Kos Story on Political Parties Expected to Run a Presidential Nominee

Mark E. Andersen has this story on Daily Kos, about parties that he believes will have a presidential nominee in 2016, or which already have one.