Hawaii Senate Committee Passes Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Reveal Income Tax Returns

On February 12, the Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 94, which requires presidential candidates for the general election to reveal their tax returns. It also says that no presidential elector may vote for someone in the electoral college who has not revealed his or her income tax returns.

The House Judiciary Committee had already passed an identical bill, HB 712, but neither vote has had a floor vote yet.

Guam Territorial Court Dismisses Lawsuit on How to Handle Primary Votes When Voters Vote in Two Primaries

A Guam territorial court has dismissed a lawsuit concerning how to handle primary votes when voters cast votes in the primaries of two different parties. Election officials void those votes. The lawsuit had been filed to try to validate those votes, but it was dismissed on procedural grounds. See this story.

News Story About Debate on Indiana Ballot Access Bill

As previously reported here, yesterday the Indiana Senate defeated SB 571, the bill to ease the petitioning requirement for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties. One Democratic State Senator, according to the article, said the voters would be confused if there were more candidates on the ballot. Yet ever since 2002, there have been three candidates for all statewide offices in Indiana, or fewer, on general election ballots. Here is the article.

Democratic Party Sets Rules for First Primary Season Presidential Debate

The Democratic Party will hold its first presidential debate sometime in June 2019. The city and exact date haven’t been chosen. Candidates qualify by either being at 1% in three national polls, or receiving donations from 65,000 people, with the further requirement of 200 donors in each of 20 states.

In case more than 20 candidates meet these requirements, then an adjustment will be made to limit the debate to 20 candidates. That is such a large number of candidates, the first debate will be a two-day affair. Thanks to Political Wire for this news.