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Indiana Republican Party County Chair Tries to Remove Libertarian Slate from November 2015 Ballot for Anderson City Office

Indiana cities elect officers in partisan elections on November 3, 2015. In Anderson, the Republican Party county chair has filed a challenge to the Libertarian slate. The challenge says the Libertarian Party didn’t have a valid nominating convention. See this story.

The Libertarian Party in Indiana nominates all its candidates by convention. The state law says primaries are reserved for qualified parties that polled 10% in the last election for Secretary of State.

In 2004, Ralph Nader was nominated for President by the Reform Party in a national convention conducted by conference call. Nader’s ballot position as the Reform Party nominee in Florida was then challenged in state court on the grounds that a national convention must be an in-person meeting. But the State Supreme Court rejected the challenge and Nader appeared on the Florida ballot as the Reform Party nominee.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania Daily Newspaper Carries Op-Ed Praising Last Month’s Ballot Access Ruling

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania daily newspaper has this op-ed by local attorney Mitchell Sommers. Sommers praises the July 26, 2015 court ruling that struck down Pennsylvania rules for checking signatures. He urges the state not to appeal. The Lancaster daily newspaper was formerly called the Intelligencer Journal, but now it is just LNP.


Unusually Large Number of Minor Party and Independent Candidates File to Run for Philadelphia City Office

According to this Philadelphia Inquirer story, quite a few candidates are running in the November 3, 2015 election for Philadelphia city office. As the story notes, Philadelphia uses limited voting for city council-at-large. No party can run for all the seats. The objective is to prevent one party from winning all the seats. Normally Republicans win the non-Democratic Party seats, but this year Republicans will have competition from independent and minor party candidates. Thanks to Andrew Gripp for the link.


San Diego Union-Tribune Article on California Top-Two Primary

The San Diego Union-Tribune has this article about the California top-two primary.


State Chair of Women’s Equality Party of New York is a Registered Democrat

Barbara Fiala, state chair of the Women’s Equality Party, a ballot-qualified party in New York, is a registered Democrat. This news story says she plans to remain a Democrat. The law will require the Women’s Equality Party to choose someone who is a member of the party by November 2015.


Mark Everson Asks Federal Election Commission to Rule that Fox News Second-Tier Debate Rules are Illegal

On August 3, Mark Everson filed a formal Complaint with the Federal Election Commission, asking that the FEC rule that Fox News is violating federal regulations by excluding him from the second-tier Republican presidential debate set for August 6. Everson was the IRS Commissioner between 2003 and 2007, and also served in high federal executive office during the Reagan administration. He has been campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination since March 2015. He is one of the 18 candidates listed in the Republican National Committee’s straw poll. Yet he is the only one of the 18 who has not been invited into either one of the Fox August 6 debates.

Fox News originally said candidates had to be at 1% in the polls to join the second-tier debate, but Fox eliminated that rule on July 27. That left no objective criteria for that debate. Yet federal regulations say debate sponsors must use “pre-established objective criteria.” See this story on Hot Air.