Maryland U.S. Senate Debate Dominated by Protest of the Excluded Green Party Nominee, Margaret Flowers

On October 25, WJZ-TV hosted a U.S. Senate debate for the Democratic and Republican nominees for U.S. Senate in Maryland. Three candidates are on the ballot, a Democrat, Green, and Republican, but the only two candidates invited to debate were the Democratic and Republican nominees. The sponsor said only candidates who were at 15% were invited. However, no poll for the U.S. Senate race in Maryland has been taken during October that asked voters to choose among the three ballot-listed candidates.

Here is a story about the protest carried out by Margaret Flowers, the Green nominee. The debate was taped and has not been aired on television yet. It will be aired the evening of October 26, but it is extremely likely that the first 20 minutes will be edited out.

New South Dakota Registration Data

The South Dakota Secretary of State has released the final registration totals. See the current figures here.

In February 2016, totals were: Republican 238,222; Democratic 167,064; independent and other 107,493; Libertarian 1,415; Constitution 529.

Between February and the current tally, Republicans have increased 5.63%; Democrats have increased 2.00%; independents and others have increased 10.58%; Libertarians have increased 13.14%; Constitution has decreased 5.10%.