4-way Gubernatorial Debate in New Jersey

The New Jersey League of Women Voters has invited 4 candidates into a gubernatorial debate. The debate will include the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian nominees, and an independent candidate.


4-way Gubernatorial Debate in New Jersey — 2 Comments

  1. I would like for you to consider the fouth candidate in the debate to be the Green Party Candidate – Matt Thieke.

    Matt has solutions to many of New Jersey’s problems with Taxes, Education, environment which the two major candidates won’t talk about.

    The people of NJ deserve to hear what he has to say.

    Elizabeth Arnone, Theike for Governor Campaign

  2. Another candidate is Ed Forchion, the candidate and founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party of New Jersey. He will not be invited to the debate, since he is a single issue candidate. It is not just because the issue is weed! He has run for the U.S. House from southern New Jersey twice, and he in 2004 he placed 3rd with 2%, easily beating the Libertarian and Green Party candidates. I predict that he will finish in 3rd for Governor.

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