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Tennessee Supreme Court Upholds Term Limits for County Office

Published on March 31, 2006, by in General.

On March 29, the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of term limits for county elected officials, in those counties that have such term limits. Bailey v County of Shelby, W2005-1508. The decision has caused consternation in Knox County, since filing for the primary has already closed for those offices, and some county officials running for re-election are now deemed ineligible.

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  1. A better limitation would be one-half term; then the office-holder would be banned for life from ever holding any other elected position.
    By the way, the Republic of San Marino, which might well be the oldest such in the world, has two consuls, each holding office for six months.
    Even a Bush or a Kerry couldn’t do much harm in a term limited to six months.

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