Libertarian Party Turns in Maryland Petition

The Maryland Libertarian Party has finished its petition drive to be back on the ballot, and submitted the petition. This is the fifth petition that has been submitted around the USA in the last thtree months, to gain or regain party status. The others have been the Constitution Party in North Dakota, the Green Party in Maryland, the Libertarian Party in North Dakota, and the Independent Party in Oregon. It is very unusual for parties to submit such petitions for an election so far in the future (i.e., 2008), but it shows that people are already energized for that election.


Libertarian Party Turns in Maryland Petition — 1 Comment

  1. I just want to say THANK YOU for all those who help contribute to our ballot access drive. Not only do the petition signatures give us ballot access until December 2010, but the completion of the drive means that our already registered Libertarians will not be dropped to a status of Unaffiliated.

    Dave Sten
    Chair, MDLP

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