Kansas Won’t Have Presidential Primary in 2008

The Kansas legislature, meeting over the weekend of April 28-29, dropped the appropriation for a presidential primary in 2008, so the major parties will use caucuses instead of a primary. The outcome is a disappointment to U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who is from Kansas and who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. If Kansas had decided to hold a presidential primary, it would have been on February 5.


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  1. O.K. I’m still confused too. I read the April 30,2007 statement and then the article posted that said we have the funds for a primary. I also found a site that has a Kansas primary scheduled for April 1, 2008. Can you please enlighten me. Is Kansas having a primary or not? Do I get to have a say in who I wish to run for President or do I just have to settle for “pro quo”? I’d like to believe that my vote counts for something but things like this make you wonder how flawed our voting system is at it’s core. How could anyone even consider not giving ordinary people the chance to truly put the candidate of their choice in office by not at least giving them a chance to pick from the whole pool of hopefuls. I’m very discouraged that our leaders would even entertain such ignorance pertaining to such an important event.

  2. I fully agree with you, Daniel. Moreover I feel that the U.S. should move to directly elected leaders. The electoral college undermines the efficacy of the entire system.

  3. hey, boneheads. there is a reason the united states uses an electorate. it is because this country is a republic, not a democracy. the founding fathers referred to a democracy as mob rule, and two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. the states are supposed to be the more powerful government, the federal government was not meant to have the power it has today (read: US Constitution). originally, the states’ house and senate chose the federal house and senate. you wouldn’t have had any decision in it at all. and it shouldn’t matter, as the federal gov’t should not have the involvement in our lives that it does today. read a history book.


    There are NO presidential election primaries in Kansas in 2008. The Democratic and Republican parties each plan to hold caucuses, independent of the Johnson County Election Office. Following are links to caucus information:

    Democratic Party – http://www.ksdp.org/SuperTuesday
    Republican Party – http://www.ksgopcaucus.org

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