Lessons from 2007 Presidential Debates So Far

The nation has now seen 4 presidential debates on national television this year. Two Republican debates each had 10 candidates; two Democratic debates each had 8 candidates. The June 5 debate was two hours long. These debates are successful. They give all of the participating candidates a chance to set forth a message. There is no longer any excuse whatsoever for the general election debates to be confined to candidates who poll 15% at the polls. It is hoped that the organization Rock the Debates (www.rockthedebates.org) will succeed in its mission. Its mission is to put the leading Democratic and Republican presidential contenders on record for more inclusive general election debates.


Lessons from 2007 Presidential Debates So Far — No Comments

  1. I have a feeling that Ron Paul and some others will have a hard time getting into future debates. Ten is a (just barely) workable number of candidates… but with Fred Thompson, Alan Keyes, and probably Newt Gingrich getting in — it’s going to get crowded!

    I would bet that the networks start organizing debates between the top 5-6 candidates.

  2. Even ABC radio today, Wednesday, mentioned Ron Paul and a comment during the debate.
    Nasty Propaganda Radio mentioned about seven candidates, but continued its blacklisting of Dr. Paul.
    The Associated Press, equally slimy and dishonest, ran a story mentioning apparently every name, with special loving attention to Mario Giuliani — I say apparently because I lost count since Giuliani was mentioned so often — but continues its blacklist of Dr. Paul.
    Honesty and truth are strangers to the mainstream “news” media.
    Lovers of honesty in reporting and lovers of liberty will have — as usual — a tough time with the “news” media this year.

  3. If you watch every debate you will see that the top 3 are getting twice as many chances to speak as the others!! No wonder they are reporting the top three are winning and it happens in both dem and repub debates . The media is selecting our candidates for us. Funny, I thought that was the voters job ? A good web site to watch is http://www.iowavotes2008.com

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