Ron Paul on “The Daily Show” Criticizes U.S. Policy Toward Third Parties

On the evening of June 4, Congressman Ron Paul was on “The Daily Show” with host Jon Stewart. Stewart asked Paul about his choice to run for president as a Republican instead of any alternate path. Paul said, “I ran in 1988 as a Libertarian candidate for President, but I’ve been in Congress for 10 terms always as a Republican, including currently…You don’t get in the debates when running outside the major parties. We’re overseas spreading the message of democracy, but here, if you’re in a third party, you can’t get on ballots…you spend all your time getting on ballots…you have to be a Ross Perot to get on all the ballots…The two parties are very much in control of the system, and they exclude individuals who aren’t in that mold.”

This post is being written on Tuesday morning, June 5. It will be interesting to see of any of the other Republican presidential contenders make reference to Paul’s remarks, in the Republican presidential debate tonight.


Ron Paul on “The Daily Show” Criticizes U.S. Policy Toward Third Parties — No Comments

  1. That was a good interview, and his views on the control of the Rep.’s and Dem.’s was right on. If you haven’t done so…take some time and look at what Dr. Paul is saying. Finally, a man that speaks the truth is running for president.

  2. Dr. Paul is principled, honest, and sticks to the constitution and the bill of rights. Please explain to me why I should not vote for this man?

    Those who vote according to what main stream media tells you deserve what you get.

  3. It is refreshing to finally hear the truth. And it is a sad statement that you have to see Congressman Ron Paul on a comedy station. What he speaks about should be headline news instead of Paris. I went to the first meetup and we had 25 people. The next should have over 50. Things are a changing 🙂

  4. If any of you have seen James Stewart in the film “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”, then Ron Paul would be that character. A lot older and wiser though, but still sincere; passionate and truthful.
    That is why his words resonate with the on-line masses and exactly why the MSM is trying so hard to suppress his message to stop it spreading, (just like in the movie). The only problem there is that the suppression is only working to wake people up to this injustice, mainly because Mr Ron Paul is Sincere; Passionate and TRUTHFUL, (unlike his peers running for office).

  5. How great is it to finally get a chance to choose someone who is honest and sincere. I find it heard to believe that this country isn’t “STARVING” for someone like Ron Paul to be our next president.

    Ron Paul being in the race for President has convinced me the MSM is actually being controlled. The more they ignore this man, the more obvious becomes.

    I have stopped listening and watching the major media. Everyone who’s fed-up with the MSM needs to start writing letters to those companies who pay for advertising on those networks. Hitting there pocketbooks tends to wake them them up.

  6. I honestly had given up on ever seeing someone like Ron Paul run for President. I thought it was a pipedream, a nice story, but would never really happen.

    I cannot begin to describe to you the depth of excitement and passionate patriotism Dr. Paul’s message has unleashed in me, and I know I am not alone.

    We will see tonight in the Presidential polls just how popular he is.

    Vote for Ron Paul

  7. If Ron Paul is going to do well, then he needs to win the primaries. You can only vote in the Republican primaries if you Register as a republican. If you haven’t yet registered, then visit:

    The “Register and Vote” link is at the top, just under the date. Then find your state and sign up – very easy! Words are great, but this is something you can do now.

  8. I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 as a Libertarian and I will vote for him in 2008 as a Republican. His message remains the same: follow the Constitution. He is our best hope for peace, prosperity, and freedom.

  9. Ok folks, This is definitely our last chance. Stop voting for the better of two evils and do what is right. Stop watching the main stream, for profit media that is only interested in it’s deep pockets. Use your brain and stay on the net. Start searching videos of Ron Paul and you will be amazed at what the media has not bothered to tell us.

  10. Everyone please share this YOU TUBE video of Ron Paul with your friends. This is one of the best ways for real Americans to really get an insight on a Politician. Hurray For Dr. Ron Paul.

  11. Ron Paul is the only of the ten candidates who not only speaks the truth, but answers every question in a straight way, all the others go into double talk mode. Perhaps one reason is that Ron Paul is a doctor, a gynocologist and an obstetrician who helps bring life into this world; on the other hand the other candidates are lawyers, and they by their very nature master the art of lying and deception. The controlled media is boycotting him, but the people do not need the corrupt controlled media, we have the Internet and the Ron Paul Revolution is spreading like wildfire. He represents hope of a better world.

  12. Re: voting in the Republican Primary:
    It is NOT true you have to be registered Republican in order to vote in the primary, at least not always true.
    It depends on what state you’re in.
    Your state might not have party registration, including such states as Tennessee and Georgia.
    Your state will likely, though, have a primary — whether taxpayers ought to have to pay for those party festivities is a question to deal with later — and if you must be registered in a party in order to vote in its primery, you must register 30 days before the vote.
    Many states allow Independents and No Party and New Party registrants to vote in an Old Party primary.
    If you fear for your soul, being a (spit, spit) Republican, then you can re-register immediately after the primary.
    In the meantime, though, it truly is important to show as much support for Dr. Paul as we can.
    As others have said, above, he is the only one who is for individual rights and the Constitution.
    P.S. This morning, Wednesday, ABC radio finally mentioned Dr. Paul in a top of the hour newscast.
    NPR, on the other hand, did a looong story on the debate, even mentioning Tommy Thompson and Mike Huckabee — both usually left out — and devoting most of its time to, of course, Giuliani, and nary a word, nary a syllable on Dr. Paul.
    In “NPR,” the “P” stands for “propaganda.”

  13. In the comment just above this one, Michael Morrison is correct about who may vote in a Republican primary: it depends on your state. If it’s an open primary, any voter can vote in the GOP primary.

    Some states– New Hampshire, e.g.– let independents vote in their choice of primary. It looks like in some other states– like California– independents will only have the option of voting in one party’s presidential primary. (In California, only the Democrats have invited independents to vote in their 2008 presidential primary.)

    The deadlines for registering and re-registering also vary from state to state. I suggest that anyone who is unsure check with his local election officials.

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