Mountain Party to Affiliate with Green Party

Ever since November 2000, the Mountain Party has been the only ballot-qualified party in West Virginia, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties. It has run for state office and ran a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006, but it has never run a presidential candidate.

On July 8, at its state convention, it voted to become the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party. There still remains the formality that the national Green Party must accept the Mountain Party, but it is extremely likely that the national party will gladly do so. That will increase the number of states in which the Green Party (by whatever name) is ballot-qualified, from 19 states, to 20 states, the party’s first increase in 2007.


Mountain Party to Affiliate with Green Party — No Comments

  1. After we affiliate the Mountain Party, the only states wihout affiliated Green Parties will be NH, ND, SD, and KY.

  2. The LP is and has been affiliated in all 50 states for a long time now. Dunno if there is a DC affiliate, though.

  3. The LP does have a party in DC. One of my college professors here in Kentucky is with the Green Party and said they are in the process of forming a branch in the state, then they will begin working on forming branches in each county.

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