Three U.S. Senators Will Introduce Bill to Federalize Primary & Caucus Dates

On July 31, U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota), Joe Lieberman (Independent Dem-Connecticut) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) said they will introduce a bill, to determine when presidential primaries and caucuses should be held. The bill has not yet been introduced.

The bill would divide the U.S. into 4 regions (west, south, midwest and east). A lottery would be held in the year before presidential elections. The lottery would decide which region would have its primaries and caucuses in March, which in April, which in May, and which in June. New Hampshire and Iowa would be permitted to be earlier than March.

When the text of the bill is released, it will be interesting to see how it defines “political party”. Typically, members of Congress who write these bills never think about minor parties. There is also some doubt that the government can tell parties when to hold caucuses, since caucuses are organized and financed by the parties themselves, not the government.


Three U.S. Senators Will Introduce Bill to Federalize Primary & Caucus Dates — No Comments

  1. Why can’t the Republicratic Duopoly do the same thing as the “Minor Parties” and hold a convention attended by members of the party without using tax-payer money to have primaries?
    Even better, why not just let everyone on the same ballot? It would be like 1824 EVERY YEAR!

  2. Or set a standard format all ballots must follow, then allow parties (or individuals) to fill out their own slate on their own terms. Put it in your official envelope, drop it in the mailbox or take it to your polling place to get your name crossed off the list. Stipulate that every vote must be tabulated, and that more than one ballot in one envelope invalidates the whole contents.

    No, it won’t be neat. But it’ll be democracy *patriotic sob*

  3. Exactly, consider having the parties pay for their own caucuses, instead of the taxpayer. Counties are still having trouble recouping the costs of previous elections. Or even consider having all candidates in the general election and using ranked voting so whoever wins, wins with a majority of votes. The primary plan is interesting, I’d also urge bloggers to check out for other primary solutions.

  4. All election law beyond what is constitutionally stipulated as essential to protecting the citizen’s right to nominate candidates, vote anonymously and have an honest ballot count, is designed to abridge the First Amendment by making political associations organs of the State. That is why American elections have become one vast “anywing” propaganda conspiracy to buttress the grip of the power elites coalition. Even many alleged “independent” candidates and reform activists are tactical ploys to drain popular discontent.

    Balloting has become just another ritual like the Pledge of Allegiance – as much as the elites can get away with it and they get away with plenty.

    This site is one of a growing number while reveal the machinations employed with being overly preachy about it.

    Sermon over.

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