Arizona Newspapers Cover Libertarian Primary Decision

See for an Arizona daily newspaper story about Thursday’s court decision about who can vote in primaries.


Arizona Newspapers Cover Libertarian Primary Decision — No Comments

  1. Having done lots of active duty in ‘Arid Zona’ and ‘Nude Mexico’ I have always been shocked that the two ‘junior’ states have not become hot beds of reformism and or Libertarianism…..

    Remember, these jerks put in one of three non Democratic Party and non GOP state governors of the 20th century [Car Saleman Ev Mecham] —only to be recalled before his term expired!

  2. Evan Mecham was the Republican nominee in 1986, when he won with some 40% over the Democrat and an independent.

    Mecham ran as an independent in 1992 against Sen. John McCain.

    In the 2002 Arizona governor’s race, the Libertarian helped the current Democratic incumbent to get elected.

    Right off the bat, I can think of five non-major party governors from the 20th century: Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, James Longley and Angus King of Maine, Walter Hickel of Alaska, and Lowell Weicker of Connecticut. Also, Minnesota had at least one Farmer-Labor governor, and one of the LaFollettes was elected Wisconsin governor as a Progressive.

    And I’m pretty sure that there were other non-major party governors in the 20th century.

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