Unity08 Revamps Its Own Web Page

Unity08 has completely revamped its own web page. The address is the same: www.unity08.com. The new page reveals that Unity08 has decided to use the independent procedure, rather than the new party procedure, in California, Alabama and Idaho. In all 3 states, the independent presidential procedures are easier than the new party procedures.


Unity08 Revamps Its Own Web Page — No Comments

  1. Yep they still are not playing by the rules that the LP, Greens, CP, IP and others all follow. Your money will be wasted if you donate to them since eventually the FEC will take it all in fines just like what happened to the RP.

  2. Technically, the FEC did not fine the Reform Party. Instead, it determined that some of the money given to the party for its 2000 national convention was not spent properly, so it wants that money back. That is not the same as a fine.

  3. Actually, Ballotman, the LP, CP, Greens, etc, use the Independent Presidential Candidate procedure in Alabama, as you only need 5,000 signatures for an Independent Presidential Candidate, but over 40,000 for a Party.

  4. I’m curious what this community thinks about Unity08, potential (A) rival, (B) ally or (3) doesn’t have a chance so don’t bother?

    My own opinion is (B)

  5. Ballotman, I’ve donated to Unity08. It is in its infancy and whether it takes off or not will be decided when there are actual candidates seeking the nomination. Kinda hard to rally around an unknown Rep/Dem or Dem/Rep ticket. Unity08 has more challenges to overcome than ‘traditional’ third party efforts.
    Andrew, All of the above except maybe C. A) Yes, if you consider anyone other than your candidate as a challenge. Especially the belly-aching Democrats in 2000 about Nader. B) Yes, we are all seeking better ballot access opportunities across American and Unity08 may push the envelope in some areas to better ballot access. C) Has as good a chance as LP, CP, GP, Ind, if not better as they potentially may have a nationally known/recognized candidate(s) from one/both of the two major parties.

  6. History lessons, Era of Good Feeling in ante bellum USA [1830s and 1840s]; Union Party [GOP Lincoln and Dem Andrew Johnson] 1864; Progressive ‘Bull Moose Party ‘ [Teddy Roosevelt and California Direct Democracy Governor Hiram W. Johnson] 1912; National Unity Party [GOP John B. Anderson and Dem Patrick Lacey] 1980; Perot and Nader and the Era of Discontent…….

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