Bloomberg Seems to Say Clearly that He Won't Run for President This Year

On January 31, Mayor Bloomberg said not only that he is not a candidate for president, but that he will not become a candidate for president. See this story. Thanks to Thomas Jones.


Bloomberg Seems to Say Clearly that He Won't Run for President This Year — No Comments

  1. Yes, with McCain likely to get the GOP, and Hillary the Dem nod, the steam is out of his centrist candidacy.

  2. This is the strongest denial I’ve heard from him yet. With this, I’m going to take him at his word, unless he keeps setting up a run in plain sight. By the way, I seem to recall a poll moooonths back that said he’d do best in an Obama-Romney race in NY (I think).

    If true, I don’t think this Independence Party of America has any chance of lasting past this cycle.

  3. Regardless of any action or inaction by Bloomberg, the Independence Party of America has the Independence Party of New York and the Independence Party of Minnesota as two of the most successful state party organizations around. With the Reform Party of Pennsylvania and the Independent Green Party of Virginia, there are two successful petitioning organizations. Add the other states, with and without automatic ballot access, and that is a heck of a good start for any independent presidential candidate in the 2012 Election Cycle. Because we know, regardless of the campaign statements, once elected “there’s not a dime’s worth of diffence..” between Republicrats.

  4. Fred,

    Do remember if numbers for Bloomberg were taken for a hypothetical Huckabee-Clinton match-up? I think a lot of white collar Republicans would have voted for Bloomberg in that situation.

  5. Don’t have the numbers handy but “McClinton” was definitely the worst combination for any independent moderate.

  6. Nader’s decision to get in might be as connected to Bloomberg’s decision to get out as much as as Edwards’. He can now seek the nomination of the new national Independence Party, which certainly would have gone to Bloomberg before.

    Other than NY, VA and MN where does this party have ballot access? FL, SC, and OR?

    Personally, I would still like to see a McKinney/Nader and/or Nader/McKinney ticket. Might they not each select the other as their running mate?

  7. so far FL, OR, KS, MS, MN, NY.
    soon LA, DE
    petitioning in VA, PA(2/13)
    others on the way

  8. The printed Ballot Access News for February 1 has some info on Scott’s questions. I hope people will consider subscribing to the written monthly newsletter. $15 per year for 12 issues. PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147.

  9. You can disabuse yourselves of the notion that Ralph Nader would run for vice president with anybody — Cynthia McKinney or anybody else. It’s not going to happen, period. It’s hilarious even to contemplate, for anyone who knows him.

    Running as anything other than the Green Party candidate would be a total, utter, and complete waste of time and resources for Ralph. It would mean yet another time-wasting and energy-draining split in the progressive movement, and would completely marginalize his team because the only organized groups behind him would be the fringe of the fringe of the fringe of the 3rd party movement. He is certainly not going to get the $10 million and 1,000 people in each congressional district that he’s seeking on his website by way of what’s left of the Reform Party and the very fledgling and ideologically nebulous Independence Party (whose whole reason for existence seems to have been to serve as a vehicle for Michael Bloomberg).

  10. The Reform Party USA HAS NOT affiliated with any Independence Party. At the end of December 07, the New York State Independence Party affiliated with the Reform Party USA.

    There is no legal National Independence Party, please check FEC records etc. It is nothing but a shell and anyone who says they are affiliated with it are fools.

    The “National Independnce Party also soliciates for funds, however that entity has no EIN or Party standing, smells very fishy to me.

  11. I’d like to add to Richard’s mild pitch for subscribers to the hard copy of BAN. I’ve been subscribing since 95? 96? It’s always an intereting read, over the years, as magazine subscriptions come and go, I always renew BAN. And the next year or two will pretty interesting.

    The idea of Nader seeking the new IPA’s nomination is something I hadn’t thought of. It actually makes a lot of since on some levels. Nader never liked the broad array of issues of concern to the US GP, he loves his sharp focus of corporations and political reform.

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