Sarah Palin’s Husband, Son are Registered Independents

Sarah Palin is a registered Republican. Her husband and her oldest son are also registered voters in Alaska, yet not registered members of any political party. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.


Sarah Palin’s Husband, Son are Registered Independents — No Comments

  1. One should not be rquired to “declare a party” when registering to vote, so I see this as a mute point.
    It should also be noted, that not all States require “registration by party”.

  2. True, Mr. Perry,

    Unaffiliated Alaskans can vote in any party’s primary, but it makes little sense that a candidate’s spouse would be unwilling to register as a member of that party unless he or she had serious reservations about doing so.

  3. In Alaska, independents may indeed vote in the Republican primary, while ANY voter may vote in the Democratic/minor party blanket primary. Thus, if Palin’s husband and son were registered Republicans, they would still have their choice of either primary.

    It would be interesting to know if either or both of them has ever voted in the Democratic/minor party primary.


  5. Stine: I’m pretty sure that Alaska publicly records each primary voter’s choice of primary.

    Ohio and my state of Mississippi are among the 13 states with “open primary, public record,” while there are eight states with “open primary, private choice.”

    Patsy Gail (or whatever your REAL name is): If you found me, why are you asking where I live? Who among my friends are (allegedly) looking for me?

    You’ve not contacted me, despite being given my e-mail address, so if there’s a coward here… it’s YOU.

  6. I have been told, but did not confirm that Mr. Palin was once a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

  7. Palin’s hubby and son not Republicans
    By: Kenneth P. Vogel
    August 29, 2008 06:56 PM EST

    Democrats may be blasting Sarah Palin as a doctrinaire conservative, and
    Republicans may be embracing her for the same reason, but her husband and
    oldest son are independents.

    Or, more precisely, their party affiliation is listed as “undeclared” on
    voter registration records retrieved from the Alaska Division of Elections.

    Todd Palin, husband of the Alaska governor, hasn’t been affiliated with a
    party since he first registered to vote while he was in his early 20s, in
    1989 – the year after he married Sarah Palin. And Track Palin, their
    19-year-old son, registered as undeclared when he became eligible to vote
    last year.

    Todd Palin, a regular voter, could have cast his ballot for his wife in her
    2006 Republican primary against incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski because the
    Alaska Republican Party allows those registered undeclared and “nonpartisan”
    to vote in the party’s primaries.

    Track Palin has yet to vote, according to the Division of Elections, while
    Bristol Palin, his 17-year-old sister, is not yet eligible to vote.

    Sarah Palin is a registered Republican.

  8. In the 3-way Republican debates in 2006, Palin and the other candidate basically ignored Murkowski, as they knew he had no chance to win.

    On primary day, a lot of voters, when asked which primary ballot they wanted, said, “I want to vote against Murkowski!”

    The governor finished third with 19%.

  9. It also turns out, from what I hear, Palin was once a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, which recently has been acting as a state branch of the Constitution/ US Taxpayers Party

  10. Voting the McCain/Palin ticket just beause of a woman ( Palin) is very shallow minded. Hillary Clinton is many times more qualified than Sarah Palin. The Democrats choosing Hillary would have broken many records…. first black president, first woman vice president and all done by the same political party. A seemingly win-win for the Democrats if their motive is was that shallow. But record breaking should not take priority over good governance and what is best for our country.

  11. Palin also spoke to two meetings of the Alaska Libertarian Party in 2004/05. She is friends with a number of Alaska Libertarians, including State Chairman Jason Dowell.

  12. “Eric Dondero Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    Palin also spoke to two meetings of the Alaska Libertarian Party in 2004/05. She is friends with a number of Alaska Libertarians, including State Chairman Jason Dowell.”

    —Oh wait, are you saying that Dowell is the chairman? Or is your old friend, Scott Kohlhaas the chair?

    Oh wait, Scott wasn’t elected chair, was he? Just kind of squeaked back in and started calling himself the Chair again, didn’t he?

    Eric “disinformation” Dondero, go to hell. You are a propagandist, and an agent provacateur, or you are terminally stupid.

    Dowell is in Kentucky now, so he probably isn’t the AK LP chair. Harley Brown was the chair, appointed by Jason, before Jason left. No vote intervened.

    When Palin attended the AK LP meetings, she discussed her differences with the LP. She doesn’t yet want to legalize drugs, and she has voted for socialized healthcare packages after that meeting.

    She is with us on Jury Rights, gun rights, generally in favor of less taxation (unless she wants it for some reason, like she wanted to increase taxes on oil companies in AK), generally in favor of open ballot access, and free speech. She would be better than Biden by a billion light years, since he’s a horrible drug warrior asshole and author of “the RAVE Act” which charges party promotors with drug felonies if they throw a party and anyone brings drugs, even if they don’t know it.

    McCain is marginally more evil than Obama, since he’d actually be able to pass more “gun control” legislation. Both are so evil as to be unacceptable.

    At least with Barr/Root you have 2012 and LP ballot access to hope for.

    But Palin is fairly good, and she’s a real person before she’s a politician.

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