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California Legislature Passes Public Funding Pilot Project Bill

Published on August 31, 2008, by in General.

The California Assembly, late on Saturday, August 30, concurred in the Senate amendments to AB 583, so the bill is now through the legislature. It sets up public funding for the Secretary of State’s race in 2014. The voters must vote on the idea, though, in 2010. As noted earlier, the bill requires twice as many qualifying contributions for independent candidates, as for Democrats and Republicans.

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  1. what about the greens ? will they have to get 2 times the contributions ?

  2. Richard

    Minor parties only need half the contributions, but they only get one-fourth as much money.

  3. Michael Morrison

    This really makes a lot of sense. California has SO MUCH money left over in its budget, the officials really need to find another, an extra way to spend it.

  4. Steve

    Not mention that we still don’t have a budget. Good to know they are working on what is important for the heath of the state.

  5. Having a slick budget and watching what you spend would help alot of places out this year for sure.

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