Louisiana Asked to Print Ron Paul on Ballot as Presidential Candidate

On September 4, a slate of presidential electors was filed at the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office, in person. The electors are pledged to Ron Paul for president, and former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., for vice-president. The partisan label for this slate is “Louisiana Taxpayers Party.” The filing, and the $500 was accepted, but the Secretary of State did not commit to printing the slate on the ballot. However, there is no law that says presidential candidates at the November election must sign any declaration of candidacy.

Louisiana is one of the few states that still prints the names of presidential elector candidates on the ballot. Thus, Louisiana elections officials have a heightened awareness that the true candidates in November elections are the presidential elector candidates, and that presidential candidates’ names on the ballot are only there as labels, describing the intentions of those elector candidates.

It has been difficult to get information from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office this week, because Baton Rouge electricity has been disrupted. The Secretary’s web page has been down for several days, and no receptionist has been answering the phone in that office. Thanks to IndependentPoliticalReport for breaking the story.


Louisiana Asked to Print Ron Paul on Ballot as Presidential Candidate — No Comments

  1. 1. anyone know if Paul or Hess are aware of this?
    2. perhaps it should also be briefly noted how many times the term “taxpayer” has been used as the name of a political party, e.g. – didn’t the current U.S. Constitution Party used to be the “U.S. Taxpayer Party”? Other examples…?

  2. Ken in St. Louis, MO

    Both Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. have been made aware of what we’re doing. Barry Goldwater Jr. has said that he supports it and may come down to LA to do some campaigning–just for kicks.

  3. citizen1,

    Sure did. It wasnt my idea,though. If you’d like the details, just email me–you know how to find my email,right?

  4. Trent: good job. An idea for the future: why not file under the name “Independence Party of Lousiana”. There is an Independence Party in Minnesota (the one Jesse Ventura is a member of and their candidates fared quite well in elections) as well as in New York since early this year. This way one can be unified in the future (unify CP and big part of pro-life LP).

  5. Stefan,

    “Independent” or “Independence” party implies moderation—we dont believe in moderation,but in liberty. The name was basically an afterthought,something we thought would appeal to Louisiana voters.

  6. And likewise the voters will have heightened awareness: “Thus, Louisiana elections officials have a heightened awareness that the true candidates in November elections are the presidential elector candidates, and that presidential candidates’ names on the ballot are only there as labels”

    Imagine if it were this way in all states. Imagine if it were presidential electors petitioning to get on the ballot rather than the party.

    Then imagine that it is these individual presidential electors doing the brunt of the campaigning/fundraising rather than the corporate funded Republorat partys.

  7. I’v ABSOLUTELY nothing against Chuck Baldwin. I voted for him at the convention and believed him to be the best choice. He is a good constitutionalist, a good man, and an all-around solid guy.

    Unless im booted out of the CP for my actions, yes–I still support the CP and am still a member.

    But he isnt Ron Paul. Ron Paul can easily score 5% in Louisiana and Barry Goldwater Jr has said he might be willing to come to Louisiana and participate in some events for us. This is a way to make the liberty movement stronger in Louisiana–which will ultimately benefit the CP.

  8. Ron Paul himself can,yes. But he wont. We’ve already confirmed that with him.

    The 5% threshhold creates an “official” party–but that isnt the point.

  9. Great job guys! The 2 party system is a failure and I don’t want President Cheney for 4 more years.

  10. I am so excited about this. Where can I get yardsigns, etc? I used to work in PR and would love to help (as much as I can with a baby and a toddler…)

  11. Hey Trent this is Patrick McCarty. I had a Political Science International Relations class with you over at BRCC and I just wanted to offer my sincere appreciation and thanks for you’re hard work and effort in putting Ron Paul on the ballot in Louisiana. Thanks to you I finally now have someone I can enthusiastically support and vote for. GO RON PAUL!!!!


  12. I’m still confused per this article.
    Is Ron Paul going to be on the Louisiana ballot ?
    Please make the secretary of state put him on the ballot.
    Based on the info you are providing, this is the Secretary of State’s job. If he refuses he may not be doing his job.
    Ron Paul is an excellent choice for our country. For some reason the rest of the country to too ignorant to see his level-headedness and qualifications. Barry Goldwater is no slouch either.


  13. Thanks to those that made this happen. I wasn’t gonna vote if Ron Paul wasn’t on the ballot. Now I will vote. Louisiana for Ron Paul!!!! Where can I get yard sign, bumper sticker, ect?

  14. I had made up my mind that I was either going to vote for Baldwin or not vote at all. But now I’m going to vote for Paul since he is on the ballot. I keep getting hammered by family and friends that if I vote for Paul it will be like voting for Obama. You know what? I’m sick of that old argument. That kind of mentality is exactly why we have a lose-lose two party system that is completely out of touch with the voters.

    I don’t care if my vote is “wasted” I’m voting with my heart.I’m voting with my intelligence.

    I’m voting for Ron Paul.

  15. I don’t understand how people could vote for RON, After he ENDORSED THE LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE…I like Ron Paul but at least vote for who he is voting for. I’m all for voting for something you believe in, but if you believe in Ron Paul you should have voted for the Libertarian Guy cuz thats who he cast his ballet for.

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