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Mississippi Natural Law Party Nominates Brian Moore for President

The Natural Law Party is still on the ballot in Michigan and Mississippi, even though the national party no longer exists. On August 21, the Mississippi Natural Law Party nominated Brian Moore (the Socialist Party nominee) for president. The nominating convention was conducted by the party’s long-time state chair, via telephone with the other members of the party’s state committee.

By contrast, the Michigan Natural Law Party this year nominated Ralph Nader for president.

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  1. Sandy Madison

    I happy to see the Natural Law Party is still organizing. Are there any local and State candidates?

    And, sorry to see there is division of nomination, but “Go Michigan!” Ralph Nader should be on every ballot somewhere.

  2. The Natural Law Party has no candidates here in Mississippi for any office other than president.

    It’s been years since the NLP had any candidates here.

  3. brian

    If they nominated Moore on the 21st why was he sending out emails asking for money on 9-1-08?

    I am refering to money for collecting signatures in

    Who suggested that he do this in Mississippi?

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