All But One of Arkansas State Senate Districts Have Only One Candidate on Ballot

Arkansas holds State Senate elections next month in 18 districts. In 17 of those districts, only one person is on the ballot. Only the 30th district has a contest, which is between a Democrat and a Republican. Although the Green Party is ballot-qualified, it didn’t run any candidates for the State Senate.


All But One of Arkansas State Senate Districts Have Only One Candidate on Ballot — No Comments

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  2. in some one-party states like Hungary, Tanzania or Zambia, you had at least the possiblity to chose between different candidates (with sometimes a different agenda) of the ruling parties in the 1980ies … and in some of today’s “democracies”, you only can choose between different parties with the same agenda … btw, the Soviet Union wasn’t (in terms of the mode of production) socialist but a kind of hybrid or transitional society merging capitalist (wage-labour) and non-capitalist (no generalized production of commodities)

  3. Sad. However, this state of apathy does make for a golden opportunity for third parties to offer the citizens something different.

  4. Send the Top 2 Primary Democracy forces from WA State to the EVIL party hack AR regime NOW.

    OR — note that NO primaries are needed.

    P.R. and A.V.

  5. Shame on the Greenies for not getting candidates. This could have been a banner year for them.

  6. The Green Party has 14 candidates on the ballot in Arkansas this year, our second election cycle with ballot access. That’s more than double what we had for our first go round in 2006. For an organization that didn’t exist ten years ago, I think we are making pretty good strides towards breaking down the old one party system that had ruled this state for more than a century. We have more candidates for federal office this year than the Republican Party and the same number as the Democratic Party.

    The shame in this case belongs to the Democrats and Republicans, who have the means to put a candidate in every race, but chose not to give the people any options.

  7. Why is there not more republican candidates on the ballot? Is it because they are not allowed, or because no one cares, or because no republican is running for a position.
    I’m a republican I’ll run for something!

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