Best County in Nation for Some Minor Party, Independent Presidential Candidates Identified

From preliminary election returns, it appears that these are the best counties for five particular presidential candidates:

Nader: Morgan County, Tennessee 5.2%
Barr: Esmeralda County, Nevada, 2.7%
Baldwin: Millard County, Utah, 5.6%
McKinney: either St. Bernard or LaFourche, both in Louisiana, each 1.1%
Brian Moore: Essex County, Vermont, 2.1%

Thanks to Jack Ross for doing the laborious job of checking all the counties; also thanks to David Leip of the US Election Atlas. Of course when the returns are final, these may change. For the major parties, McCain’s best county is King County, Texas, at 93.2%; Obama’s best jurisdiction is Washington, D.C., which gave him a higher percentage than any county in any state, 92.9%. Aside from D.C., Obama’s best county is Prince Georges County, Maryland, 89.1%.


Best County in Nation for Some Minor Party, Independent Presidential Candidates Identified — 9 Comments

  1. Dave Leip is reporting two counties that were better for Nader…

    Morgan, TN – 5.17%
    Lincoln, ID – 4.12%

    Not sure how solid those are or what the real story is there.

    BTW, not to down him or anything, but Barr’s showing in Esmeralda County amounts to a whopping 12 votes.

  2. The C-SPAN/AP map shows nothing above 1.2% for Nader in Tennessee, or above 2% in Idaho. Are those maybe towns? And yea, in practically all these places they amount to less than 100 votes.

  3. I lived in St. Bernard Parish in La. before Katrina. I’m surprised McKinney did that well there and as well overall in Louisiana as she did.

  4. McKinney was on the 2nd line on the Louisiana ballot, ahead of McCain. That is because the law lists the presidential candidates of the qualified parties before it lists the candidates of the unqualified parties. The Green Party is qualified in Louisiana. The qualified parties are listed in alphabetical order of the party names, and “Green” comes ahead of “Republican” in the alphabet. If Barr had been on the ballot in Louisiana, he would also have been above McCain’s name, since “Libertarian” also comes before “Republican” in the alphabet.

    And, McKinney’s best state was Louisiana.

    I’ll amend the blog post to reflect Nader’s best county being Morgan County, Tennessee. Thank you.

  5. Question: What ever happen to the matter in Texas, where the Democrats and Republicans had forgotten to file for office in time?

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