President Signs Bill Lowering Salary of Secretary of State

On December 19, President George W. Bush signed Senate Joint Resolution 46, which lowers the salary of the Secretary of State from $191,300 to $186,600. SJR 46 had been introduced in the U.S. Senate on December 10, and it passed unanimously that same day. The House passed it unanimously on December 12. The reason for the bill is that Article I, section 6, says that no member of Congress may take an office if the salary for that office had been increased while that individual was in Congress. Senator Hillary Clinton was in Congress when the Secretary of State’s salary was increased in 2007.

SJR 46 acknowledges that some do not believe that lowering the salary is sufficient to make Hillary Clinton eligible to be Secretary of State. It says that if anyone sues, a 3-judge U.S. District Court should handle the case, and that any appeal should go immediately to the U.S. Supreme Court. To read the bill, go to and enter SJR 46. That website does not seem to permit links from sites such as this.


President Signs Bill Lowering Salary of Secretary of State — 9 Comments

  1. Condi Rice [PhD in Soviet Studies] has never had an original thot in the 21st century! I have dated doctors and lawyers and doctorates. They can be some of the dumbest folks on the planet! [On doctor Rice, look closely at the wrist and elbows for the puppet string connectors!]

    Donald Raymond Lake, nee University of California

  2. Sally, Sally, Mo Mally: Tis the 21st Century, and ‘ain’t’ is a dictionary based real word, and text messaging is ‘prologue to the future’! Wait a couple of decades Grandma and ‘every one bee talking that away’!

    Give no props to the dinosaur past!

    Iz acalling the Current Secret Tary of State dumb, and Iz saying that Iz don’t bee no body’s puppet!

    Peace Out……

  3. The obvious solution to Mrs. Clinton’s issue is for her to stand aside in favor of Frank MacKay, himself a fellow New Yorker. He stands ready to present his “Love me Frank” portfolio (to anyone who will view it) that he carries with him at all times in the glove compartment of his VW Beetle (his staff car provided by the Independence Party of NY, most likely driven by Messers Blare or Bambey of Ca) containing various NY tabloid clippings. He would be an excellent choice given his pursuit of political welfare positions and his combination of self importance and political brown nosing with the political well to do. An obvious “me too” like MacKay would be an outstanding choice in place of Mrs. Clinton. he could offer to provide his own staff car and driver as well, i.e VW and Blare/Bambey, what a deal for our new President.

  4. Well, at least now George Bush can say he did at least this one miniscule thing to reduce a federal government expenditure.

  5. Now now now Alex, aren’t you being just a wee bit harsh? Blare, Bambey, Valli Sharpe Geisler, Coffey cheerfully killed the national monthly Reform Party USA house organ print news letter and the on line blog merely to block a fairly well known tragedy of the whole sale slaughter of American non combatants on the communications ship USS Liberty by the unapologetic Israeli ‘Defense’ Force. Also in 2005, Blare and Valli Sharpe Geisler still owe Don Lake, via Tish Firmiss, $100 each for partisan related expenditures.

    And ‘Reform’? Spot lighted as ‘corruption as usual’? And the real world icon for the fakey dakey Ecology Party of FLorida, Independent Greens of ___________, Independence Party of ____________, and the various Reform Party splinters of splinters: the circular firing squad.

    The REAL Reform Party of California nominated Ralph Nader for P2008. [But then was immorally, unlawfully, illegally blocked from ‘go along’ Dem Debra Bowen’s state web site!] MacKay nominated big time fake reformer, false maverick, and should have been court marshalled many times over, Insane McCane! Yeawwwwwww!

    P1992 saw in, out, in again Henry Ross Perot garner almost 20% of the popular vote! P2008 saw the joke ticket from the court ordered, court monitored DFW ‘national’ convention in July dig up less than 500 [FIVE HUNDRED] votes, NATIONALLY. Really, with agents provacatuer /criminals like Blare and MacKay, what would you expect? So bad, so sad!, 619.420.0209 any time


    As 2008 draws to a close, the practical thing we must all ask ourselves pursuant to the recent election cycle – howbeit we really don’t want to know the answer, is – “Are we really just wasting our time in alternative politics?” While it is generally said that “politics makes for strange bedfellows” nowhere is this more emphatic than in the realm of alternative politics!

    In this circle of “fringe political groups”, those outside of the two major party’s “monopoly politics” find themselves in a world in which reality and make-believe almost overlap in a daze of self-importance! And in spite of all the Ideological Political differences, and better alternatives offered by minor parties and their candidates & policies – the fact remains that alternative politics is all but INVISIBLE to mainstream America!

    For example, of the more than 131,257,542 votes cast for president, that’s 131 MILLION+ voters, in the realm of alternative politics, nationwide, NADER (Independent) got 738,739 or about 1% of the total votes cast! BARR (Libertarian Party) got 523,277; BALDWIN (Constitution Party) got 191,702; and McKINNEY (Green Party) got 160,062!

    Oh what the heck, we might as well include Ted Weil, chair / Reform Party of Mississippi, running just in Mississippi, got 470 votes out of a total of 1,279,259 votes cast for president! Maybe, just maybe, if Octogenarian Ted Weil had spent more of his funds on WINNING AN ELECTION the past couple of years than SUING FELLOW REFORM PARTY MEMBERS he may have had a better showing – but we also wonder if the Reform Party of Mississippi even has 470 registered voters in its ranks or if these votes were just total “Protest Votes” since “None of the Above” was not a ballot option!

    But then again, maybe, just maybe, if all the legitimate Reform Party SPOs spent more time REGISTERING NEW VOTERS & providing better alternative political solutions – than being sued by false groups – the RPUSA would be an almost real political party!

    As it stands now, according to Ballot Access News, candidates for federal office in the Reform Party USA received only 0.02 % of the total votes cast in their respective races – that’s TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT – or in the over all scheme of things – STATISTICALLY ZERO!

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