Alaska Anti-Initiative Bill

Alaska State Representatives Kyle Johansen (R-Ketchikan) and Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) have introduced HB 36. It would make it illegal for initiative circulators to be paid on a per-signature basis. Also it would make it illegal for initiative circulators to circulate more than one initiative at once.


Alaska Anti-Initiative Bill — No Comments

  1. Thanks for the heads up Richard; without this site I may have been unaware of this restrictive bill in my own home state. I have contacted my legislative delegation to voice my outrage on the introduction of this bill and will reach out to others in my region of Alaska who know myself and my family in order to encourage them to do the same.

  2. Once again I forgot about that clause in the First Amendment that says you can have only one opinion about one subject at a time, therefore, you can only circulate one petition at a time.

  3. States want to keep their power and not give in to its citizens. States like Montana had the Dems and Repubs go after the process after citizens started going after the spending process of the state.

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