Bill to Establish Initiative in North Carolina

Five members of the North Carolina House have introduced H47, to establish the initiative for proposed changes to the state Constitution. The sponsors, all Republicans, are John Blust, Curtis Blackwood, William Current, Tim Moore, and Edgar Starnes. Such initiatives would need the signatures of 20% of the last gubernatorial vote, which (if enacted) would be the highest such percentage of any state that has statewide initiatives.

If the bill passes, the voters would vote in November 2010 on whether they want the initiative.


Bill to Establish Initiative in North Carolina — No Comments

  1. Window dressing. As one who knows the expense and work that goes into meeting the 2% hurdle for ballot access, I can’t picture even the wealthiest activist managing a 20% threshold. I wouldn’t even hold out much hope for this bill, considering the dominance of the Democrats in both houses of the legislature.

  2. Or go with 5% and do as the Swiss and let petitions sit at stores and offices so people can read and sign at leisure. That way there are less aggressive petitioners, more informed signers, and less money is required.

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