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Virginia Bill to Ban Payment Per Signature Passes House

Published on February 10, 2009, by in General.

On February 10, Virginia HB 2642 passed the House of Delegates unanimously. It makes it illegal to pay circulators on a per-signature basis. The bill even makes it illegal to give a bonus for good performance. An almost identical law in Ohio was declared unconstitutional by the 6th circuit in 2008. The bill now goes to the Senate.

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  1. etjb

    Hmm. I am not sure I can see the logic to this one, or even the sort of argument to use before a judge.

    Maybe, they argue, paying per signature encourages fraud. But, that would really only hurt the candidate and or third party.

  2. Another proof of the duopoly of power. Both parties are controlled by Satanists. Barack Obama is a House Negro of the New World Order. McCain is a agent of the AIPAC and the CFR. George W. Bush is a member of the Demonic Skull and Bones organization. The Religious Right is anything but religious or conservative.

  3. I’ve been told this bill it aimed at preventing people from “buying their way onto the ballot”, whatever that means. Hopefully it dies in the Senate, and Virginia residents can take action here: http://capwiz.com/citizensincharge/issues/alert/?alertid=12640601

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