Missouri Bill to Require Birth Certificates for Presidential Candidates

Missouri Representative Wayne Cooper (R-Camdenton) has introduced HJR 34. It has 15 Republican co-sponsors. It requires presidential candidates to submit a Birth Certificate to the Secretary of State, and says a certificate of live birth is not an adequate substitute. It also requires voters to show goverment Photo-ID at the polls, bans same-day registration, says the deadline for registering to vote will always be 4 weeks before an election, abolishes absentee voting unless the voter will be absent from the county or can establish illness, and says no one may be paid to register voters. This would all be one very large amendment to the Missouri State Constitution. The sponsor titles it “The Voter’s Bill of Rights”. Thanks to Brandon Henderson for this news.


Missouri Bill to Require Birth Certificates for Presidential Candidates — No Comments

  1. What’s the difference between a birth certificate and a certificate of live birth?

  2. The simple fact is that, by law, the burden of proof is on President Obama to prove he is eligible. It is no one else’s responsibility to prove ineligibility.

  3. Nathan: There’s so much confusion about all of this, even the bill proposed in Missouri gets it wrong. But in Hawai’i there are two types of birth certificates: Certificate of Live Birth and Certification of Live Birth. The Certificate of Live Birth is what is given to each person upon their birth. It is created only once, and after that there are only photocopies of it. A Certification of Live Birth is a computer-generated abstract of the original Certificate of Live Birth that includes most, but not all, of the same information, and can be created an infinite number of times. Obama has provided a Certification of Live Birth, not a Certificate.

  4. If I was born in Hawaii and lost my original Certificate of Live Birth, The duplicate would be a Certification of Live Birth? That is not what web sites like WND.com are saying. They think the second can be issued when an US citizen gives birth overseas. Very different.

  5. A Certification of Live Birth is bogus! Hawaii has been issuing them to people born outside the US (go here to view HI statute: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol06_Ch0321-0344/HRS0338/HRS_0338-0017_0008.htm)
    and is no proof of US birth or birth in Hawaii.
    Sun Yat Sin born in China has a certificate of Birth issued in Hawaii. See:
    also see:
    Sun Yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866, to a peasant family in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan county , Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province (26 km or 16 miles north of Macau), not Hawaii, as this document affirms.

    Hawaii does not even consider the document sufficient proof of HI birth to participate in their homelands program. See:

  6. One very large amendment obviously aimed at hurting Democratic Party-leaning voters and helping Republicans. How is that a “Bill of Rights?” And wasn’t it established already that requiring a photo ID at the polls is unconstitutional?

  7. Nathan: Just how does the proposed MO. bill get it wrong? If I understand correctly, even Hawaii does not accept the “Certification of Live Birth” in all circumstances, even though they issue the thing, and apparently one could be had for the asking, back at the time of O’s hatching, if the parent(s) stated they intended to live in Hawaii within a certain time frame, even if the child were born elsewhere in the world. That, coupled with all the other missing info (school records, passport info, financial sources, etc.), is darn suspicious. Maybe something like this is needed.

  8. 1. Cris, There is evidence that he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. It is so simple most overlook it. His Father was not an American Citizen. We all know that this is true. He talks about it in his books. How could his Kenyan Father not give his new born son his Kenyan birthright? Why is his Father discriminated against by all the liberals that type about this subject? Is it because Black me in ’61 could not give their heritage to their sons? The baby boy was born a Brit thanks to his Father’s Kenyan citizenship & Kenya being under the British Flag. No way out of it, he was a Brit. Being a Brit or 1/2 Brit, 1/2 American precludes him from holding the Presidency or Vice Presidency. He can not be a dual citizen and be NATURAL BORN. Read our founding fathers letters back in 1775. They put NATURAL BORN CITIZEN in the Constitution to keep the Brits out of our Government. Now the Obots elected a Brit. What we gonna do? We need to do something!

  9. The COLB is a legal document. It has all the force of the original.

    It is valid in any court of law. ANY court of law. The COLB clearly states that Obama was born in Honolulu, not Kenya, not Timbuktu, but Honolulu.

    The State of Hawaii has certified this fact to be true.

  10. If you were born in this country then you are a natural born citizen, no matter Who your parents were. If your parents were aliens at the time of your birth? It doesn’t matter. If you were born here, then you are a natural born citizen.

    This has been established in so many court cases and official legal opinions that there is no sense in arguing it.

    Bobby Jindal is an anchor baby, His parents were Indian citizens when he was born. but he was born in this country and is a natural born citizen.

  11. A person can order a Certified Copy of their birth certificate in Hawaii. All it requires is a signed release and a $10.00 check. Read pages 7-11:

    The laws in Hawaii prior to 1972 were very lax and anyone could walk in off the street and register the birth of a child. Obama has clearly stated he was born in a hospital in Honolulu. The name of the hospital, doctors and witnesses only appears on the certified copy of the birth certificate, and not on the Certification of Live Birth or Short Form Abstract of Birth.

    Alferd is a paid Obamabot he posts on all of these sites with others like maineskeptic and others. They try and throw up as much BS as possible.

    The issue is whether the certified copy of the birth certificate will support Obama’s claim he was born in a hospital in Hawaii. Those facts are only on the certified copy.

    It should also be noted that the original birth certificate which the State of Hawaii has announced they are holding, could have been issued in Kenya and Obama could produce an identical Certification of Live Birth, stating that his birth was registered in Honolulu. That is the problem with the Certification of Live Birth, particularly for births that occurred prior to 1972.

    If the certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate says he was born at home, in a car, or anywhere but a hospital it raises further issues. Why would he lie? If he was not born in a hospital, then where was he born? If he was born overseas, such as in Kenya then he is not a natural born citizen according to the law:

    So just as the Certification of Live Birth is not valid for the Hawaiian Land Program, it is not valid to answer the question of whether Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore we still do not know if Obama is a natural born citizen or not.

    You can go to the Sacramento Superior Court Website and read the complaint filed by Alan Keyes that lays out the issues well. Change the year to 2008 and enter case 80000096. Andy Martin is appealing the decision of the Hawaii court not to produce a copy of the original birth certificate.

    This issue was first raised by Hillary as far back as February 2008. But it is always called a right wing conspiracy now.

    By the way, the Certification of Live Birth is not good for a drivers license, passport, federal job or a host of other items.

    *A certified birth certificate has a registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note, some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes.

  12. Old1, you are on every comment section regarding this issue. Foreign laws regarding citizenship do not effect whatsoever an american who is born in america. You are in fact a natural born citizen of this country no matter if your parents are both foreigners. As long as you are born in the US you are a natural born citizen. do some research please.

  13. Devin

    It is you that needs to do the research. You are spreading erroneous information. Natural born citizen is one born of American parents and who is born on US soil. Otherwise, people are classified as citizens, not natural born, but plain citizens under the 14th Amendment. That amendment was answering the questions as to who qualified as citizens. Natural born citizen was “understood” and needed no further clarification. If one needs a law to determine if he is a citizen, then he is not a natural born citizen. Obama’s father being Kenyan totally disqualified him as eligible for the presidency if we believe his web site and the forged Certificate of Live Birth.

    The Brooklyn Eagle answers the age old question of natural born multiple times and in different ways to make it understood as to who is and who isn’t a natural born citizen. Those answers are from the late 1800’s and were pertinent to people at the time.

    There is a distinct difference in being a citizen and a natural born citizen. As one should have learned in history classes in high school, only the president and vice president must be natural born citizens. In fact, if both the president and vice president die, the next in line must be a natural born citizen, for if they aren’t, the next person in line will be considered for the position. The person who is not natural born will be skipped over.

    So do go to the Brooklyn Eagle, which is free to read. They often refer to the Law of Nations and constitutional scholars of the time, i.e., Vattel.

  14. Another option is he was born by a single mother in HI and his natural father married his mother after his birth. I have read that his father was finishing a divorce in Kenyan so that delayed the marriage.

  15. Whenever someone says that a COLB is accepted by a court of law, ask how many other forms of I.D. are required with it. You’ll get no answer from the people who are paid to roam comment sections all day long because they know that other forms of VALID I.D. are required to establish identity.

  16. #16 The Brooklyn Eagle? And they are the final arbiter in all legal matters, right?

  17. “This has been established in so many court cases and official legal opinions that there is no sense in arguing it.”

    Maybe, Alferd, but it sure would be nice to see the SCOTUS take the case so that they can ‘finally’ make a specific determination as to the definition of ‘natural born citizen’. Given that the founding fathers (British subjects) SPECIFICALLY grandfathered themselves and left several writings which specifically call for natural-born citizens as those born “on American soil” and “to parentS of American CitizenS” (note the plural use of the words!)

    BTW, Alferd, you still haven’t answered my question from another blog, “Why has Barry Soetoro hired several law firms and spent upwards of a million tax-payer dollars trying to keep his birth certificate hidden?”

  18. “BTW, Alferd, you still haven’t answered my question from another blog, “Why has Barry Soetoro hired several law firms and spent upwards of a million tax-payer dollars trying to keep his birth certificate hidden?”

    He hasn’t. In most of the cases Obama is not even a defendant. In the few where he is, he has waved the right to respond. Where is the evidence as to his legal bills?

  19. Everyone is very concerned about his birth certificate and it seems that is the focal point. What is significant regardless of where this person was born is that his father was British. Also how did he travel to Pakistan when the USA was not issuing any Visas to go there during that span of time. He had to have a Visa from another country which would tell me he gave up his USA citizenship. If he gave up his USA citizens ship (providing it ever existed) he gave up everything as far eligibility goes to be President. There are other factors also but even one of them eliminates his eligibility.

  20. “BTW, Alferd, you still haven’t answered my question from another blog, “Why has Barry Soetoro hired several law firms and spent upwards of a million tax-payer dollars trying to keep his birth certificate hidden?”

    Most likely because he knows that having the birther conspiracy nuts out there is good for him politically. When your opposition is citing a guy named “Techdude” and relying on a lawyer who believes 9-11 was an inside job, it’s pretty hard for them to gain any credibility with the voting public.

  21. Amazing how many folks don’t seem to understand what keeps this controversy going and how easy it would be to lay it to rest. We can debate endlessly the three forms of Hawaii Birth CERTIFICATE (any one of which would stand behind the CERTIFICATION that Obama reluctantly provided) but this is called not seeing the forest for the trees.
    Here’s the forest: The actual CERTIFICATE, often referred to as the Long Form, is what is missing here and Mr. Obama has spent huge sums of money keeping it missing. A CERTIFICATE is what McCain provided willingly. Pull up a copy of that and notice how detailed the information is compared to the CERTIFICATION.
    Now ask yourself this: If Mr. Obama’s Long Form was legit and either issued by a hospital (like McCain’s) or an attending physician/midwife, WHY WOULD HE BE SPENDING UPWARDS OF SEVEN FIGURES ON LAWYERS TO KEEP IT HIDDEN?
    This far, all of the court cases have been dismissed on technicalities, NONE of these judges have supoenaed the Long Form or addressed the reason for the lawsuit in any substantive manner.
    We didn’t have to sue McCain to see his Long Form, why is this necessary with Obama? I’d like to see just one explanation of that behavior that makes any sense at all.
    Folks, people who have nothing to hide don’t go to these lengths to hide something. Think about it.

  22. This is particularly funny since MO (like HI) only issues short form certificates. If this had been passed no one born in MO who had lost their original BC would have been able to run for President. Talk about your near blunders! Good thing for Missourians they withdrew this bit of fluff legislation.

    Aside from that there is a huge amount of nonsense in the comments. Hi. will issue certifications of live birth to those not born in Hi., but where it says, “Place of birth” it will list their actual place of birth, not “Honolulu.”

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