Libertarian Party Files 5th Circuit Brief in Louisiana Ballot Access Case

On June 30, the Libertarian Party filed its brief in the 5th circuit in the presidential ballot access case that originated in 2008. The brief is 47 pages. The issue was whether the Secretary of State should have accepted the paperwork for the party’s presidential electors on September 10. The U.S. District Court had ordered the Secretary to place Bob Barr on the ballot, but the 5th circuit had then removed him.

The importance of the case, now that the election is over, is to determine whether courts in the future will recognize the principle that only state legislators have authority to alter election laws relating to presidential elections. During 2008, the normal September 2 filing deadline was changed because of hurricanes (if the deadline had not been changed, the Republican ticket would have been off the ballot). The Governor changed it to September 12, but the Secretary of State changed it to September 8.


Libertarian Party Files 5th Circuit Brief in Louisiana Ballot Access Case — No Comments

  1. None of the State regimes is officially a rotted stinking monarchy — wherein an EVIL monarch makes laws alone.

    See the 1776 DOI.

    REALITY check – ALL 50 State regimes are de facto gerrymander monarchies / oligarchies — a very SMALL number of party hacks controlling the law making agenda — especially regarding party hack stuff.

    REAL Democracy NOW via P.R. before it is too late.

  2. It is a good court case.


    I suspect the Libertarians were simply screw-ups. Lots of other parties managed to appear on the Louisiana ballot: the Prohibition Party, Green, Constitution, Socialist Workers etc.

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