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Congress Hears Testimony on Public Financing

Published on July 30, 2009, by in General.

The U.S. House Committee on Administration held a hearing on HR 1826 on July 30. The bill would provide for public funding for candidates for Congress. This AP story mentions what some of the witnesses said, but has no information on how members of the Committee reacted. Nor does the story mention any of the testimony against the bill.

The Center for Competitive Politics has a link to the webcam of the hearing here.

HR 1826 treats all candidates alike, regardless of their party affiliation or independent status.

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  1. Baronscarpia

    From the article:

    “She (Pingree) told lawmakers the current system of raising money from wealthy donors and corporate lobbyists creates a perception that contributions buy influence.”

    But there was no mention made in the article as to how long it took the howling laughter to subside.

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