Newt Gingrich Deplores Candidacies of Chris Daggett and Doug Hoffman

National Review Online has this short account of a conversation with Newt Gingrich, about the November 3, 2009 elections. Gingrich deplores the fact that a strong independent candidate is running for Governor of New Jersey, and he also deplores the fact that the New York Conservative Party has its own candidate in the special election for U.S. House, 23rd district.


Newt Gingrich Deplores Candidacies of Chris Daggett and Doug Hoffman — 12 Comments

  1. He deplores it, cause the candidate that they chose, can’t do a good enough job on his own. lol. He has nothing to really say considering Corzine is allowed to bring in all his friends, and Christie is relatively alone without much help from outside NJ GOP…

    A vote for Daggett, is a good vote. Most of New Jersey would agree with it, just afraid they might spoil their vote… however, if we all pull together. There’s a good 40% with us. which is enough for the governorship, and will show the rest of the Nation, Politics need to change in this country, and they need to change now!!!

  2. Agreed. There are definitely more Daggett supporters out there than are shown in the polls. If every person who is afraid Daggett is a spoiler would actually vote for him, he would win in a landslide!

  3. Perhaps Newt should re-read the Contract with America and see which candidates come closest to believing in it. Oh wait… he doesn’t believe in it anymore either!

  4. My how refreshing the recent German elections were with six different parties elected to parliament. Maybe Newt should book a trip to study what free elections look like.

  5. Newt,

    I listen to you alot and I was socked to hear you say that you are backing Dede Scozzafava all she is, is a Republican with a Liberal Mine set. She is for everything I am against. She is for card check, abortion, higher taxes, stimulus. Why would you not be for Doug Hoffman which is against all these things? Is it because he is just an ordinary citizens that can see that our America is going to hell in a hand basket. I will be sending my money to Doug Hoffman. On this decission I have to disagree with you.

  6. I was under the impression Hoffman was a Republican? Regarding Newt, it’s not surprising that these types of Republicans and the GOP in many states (i.e. Michael Steele who thinks ACORN’s great), the hungry for the game of power at the expense of principle or conviction types of Republicans, are supporting candidates all over the country that are not conservative. That mindset is going to take years to correct. Not an excuse for it, but it has no place outside the Democrat party. We expect it from the pond scum of society. That’s the politics they practice on a daily basis. The McCain’s, Grahams, Hatch’s of the Republican party are just another flavor of the same Ghoul-ash. Americans must stop this and soon. We don’t have until 2010. It’s time to impeach those representatives, and a President, who shred our Constitution, Bill of Rights, ignore the law. These greedy, self-serving ghouls refuse to serve the will of the people and are usurping our freedom via communism-Marxism-socialism-fascism and salivating at plans to institute a form of tyranny. I don’t want to wait until our currency is not U.S. and we’re taking our orders from some centralized foreign government. Some of that has already been happening. Is it looking a bit more like Hitler’s Germany now anyone? We’ve been ripe for one for a long time. Time to wake up America-but not just wake up, ACT.

  7. Newt,
    Don’t become part of the Republican problem. We conservatives feel we have no party so must support the best individual regardless of affiliation. It is harder than checking the top box but our country needs us. When Republicans put a conservative candidate in a race, we will vote for them. When there’s not a conservative in the race, we will select a good one and vote for them.
    Better Luck in 2010

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