Nevada Court Rules That Any Registered Voter May Sign a Recall Petition

On December 11, a Nevada District Court Judge in Carson City ruled that any registered voter who lives in a particular jurisdiction may sign a recall petition. The ruling overrides the Secretary of State’s position, which is that only a registered voter in that area who actually voted in the previous election may sign such a petition. The case is Waymire v Miller, 08-oc-00244.

As a result, it is likely that a recall election will now be held in Boulder City, to determine if two particular city council members should be recalled. However, there may be an appeal.


Nevada Court Rules That Any Registered Voter May Sign a Recall Petition — 2 Comments

  1. IF the U.S.A. somehow survives its MORON courts, one of these centuries a rational court may detect that there is a connection with the VOTERS in an area and the elected GOVT OFFICERS in such area.

    The 1st Amdt was NOT written in 1789 with regard to ballot access stuff.

    How many State laws had ANY election law petitions (candidates or issues) in 1789 ???

    The petition stuff in the 1st Amdt had to do with folks actually filing a petition with the party hacks in a govt asking for such party hacks to do or not to do something.

    See the various petitions filed by the American colonies in 1764-1775 with the EVIL King George III regime — most of which were totally ignored (or at worst got the petitioners into major trouble — criminal prosecutions, etc.).

    See the sentence in the DOI about petitions to the KG3 regime.

    Of course, mere history means nothing to New Age MORON judges.

  2. Recall Election: When a group of people have a temper fit because their candidate lost in the first election.

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