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Arizona Greens Submit 29,015 Signatures for Party Status

Published on March 12, 2010, by in General.

March 11 was the deadline for parties to submit a petition to be recognized in Arizona. This year the state requires 20,449 valid signatures. The Green Party is the only party that turned in a petition. That petition contained 29,015 signatures. UPDATE: the 29,015 figure is an updated and accurate total. When this post was originally put up earlier today, it said 26,000, but that was not accurate.

The Libertarian Party has not needed to submit a petition in Arizona since 1994, because it keeps its registration above two-thirds of 1% of the statewide registration total.

This 2010 Green Party petition is the first time since 1994 that any party has turned in a petition in Arizona in a mid-term year.

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  1. clayzero23

    Sounds like it’s gonna be a close one!

  2. Andy

    I don’t know how the Arizona election officials check petition signatures, but unless the Arizona Greens have really high validity I doubt that this petition has enough valid for the AZ Greens to obtain ballot status for this election.

  3. Kevin

    According to the AZ Green Party state co-chairs, there were just over 29,000 signatures gathered!

  4. Richard

    Thanks, #3. I just fixed the post.

  5. Thanks for this great news.

    Amazing acheivement…

    Congrats to the Arkansas Green Party ..

  6. It probably will be close, but I’m confident we’ll make it on the ballot again. This marks the first time the Green Party will have been on the ballot for two consecutive election cycles in Arizona, and is part of a plan that gets us closer to keeping it permanently.

  7. Andy

    The extra 3,000 signatures that are being reported now increase the odds for the AZ Greens to obtain ballot status.

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