Former Arkansas Judge Seeks Election as Write-in Candidate

In January 2010, the Arkansas Supreme Court removed Little Rock Circuit Judge Willard Proctor from office. The Arkansas Supreme Court found that Judge Proctor had a conflict of interest, because he ran a nonprofit corporation, Cycle Breakers, to reform people on probation, but the Court said that a judge should not have contact with probationers except in Court.

Arkansas Circuit Judges are elected on a non-partisan basis. Proctor tried to file for the election to fill his old seat, but his application to be on the ballot was denied. The election is May 18. However, Arkansas permits write-in candidates, and the Pulaski County Chief Deputy has advised county elections officials to permit Proctor to file as a write-in candidate. See this story. Proctor has a lawsuit pending in state court, arguing that if he is re-elected, he should be seated. The Constitution sets out the qualifications to be a Circuit Court Judge. Proctor argues that the statute that authorized his removal, and his inability to run again, adds to the state Constitutional qualifications and is therefore invalid. That case is Proctor v Daniels, circuit court, Pulaski County, 6ocv-10-1439.

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