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California Senate Passes Bill to Require Circulators to Wear Badges

Published on May 30, 2010, by in General.

On May 28, the California State Senate passed SB 1203, which requires paid initiative circulators to wear a badge. The badge must say in 30-point font, “Paid Signature Gatherer”. The badge must also say the name of the county in California in which the petitioner is registered to vote, and if the circulator is not registered, it must say, “Not Registered to Vote.” The vote in the Senate was 22-5.

The bill, if enacted, would probably be held unconstitutional. The 9th circuit ruled in WIN v Warheit, 213 F 3d. 1132 (2000), that a Washington state law, requiring the address of each paid circulator to be listed in periodic reports to a public agency, is unconstitutional. The Court noted the evidence that some circulators refused to work, rather than have their addresses be made available to the public.

The bill also seems to assume that all circulators are California residents. But the 9th circuit ruled in 2008 that requiring circulators to live in the state in which they are working is also unconstitutional. Nader v Brewer, 531 F.3d 1028. Arizona asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule that ruling, but the Court declined. Thanks to Jack Dean for this news.

7 Responses

  1. Demo Rep

    One more reason to pass Prop. 14. and then P.R. and App.V.

    — to END the rule of the ANTI-Democracy, ANTI-1st Amdt party hack control freak MONSTERS

    — esp. in the minority rule gerrymander CA legislature.

    How about having the plaintiffs go directly after the gerrymander party hacks for $$$ damages for violations of constitutional rights — to bankrupt them ???

  2. Rather than dealing with a $20 billion budget deficit, our California legislators are spending their time on things like this — anything to avoid coming to grips with reality. This is just another squirrel to chase (see http://tinyurl.com/california-squirrel).

  3. Andy

    This reminds me of how Nazis forced Jews to wear Star of David bands on their arms.

    How about politicians be forced to wear badges that say “Paid Politician” on them?

  4. Centrist Dem Chris

    What on earth has gotten into the CA Senate?

  5. natural born citizen party

    4 –

    CA senators, I believe.

  6. Richard G.

    Another invasive, power hungry, controlling law!! Politicians are becoming more and more insane!!

  7. Demo Rep

    # 3 How about a *Gerrymander EVIL PARTY HACK* badge for the EVIL powermad control freaks in the gerrymander Congress and all 49 partisan State legislatures ???

    Special badge for NE hacks.

    Think Spanish Civil WAR 1936-1939 — the New Age left/right party hack control freak MONSTERS do NOT like each other.

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