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California’s Proposition 14 Now at 54.2%

Published on June 9, 2010, by in General.

On election night, when most of the votes tallied and publicly announced were absentee votes, California’s Proposition 14 had 60.5% as of 9 p.m., and 59.5% as of 11 p.m. But Wednesday morning, it stands at 54.2%.

This almost certainly means that people who voted at the polls on June 8 defeated Proposition 14. Over half the votes were cast before election day, so the votes of people who voted on election day are outnumbered by the people who voted during the period May 10-June 7.

The reason the people who voted on election day were substantially less favorable to Proposition 14 is that the campaign against Proposition 14 didn’t really come to fruition until the last week before the election.

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  1. WakeUP!

    This vote shows exactly why mail-in ballots, on-line elections and early voting should be eliminated and absentee ballots must be reserved exclusively for people who are too ill to come to the polls or who are actually out of the state on election day.

    Elections should be one day affairs where everyone actually comes to a polling place and votes in person.

    People who cannot be bother to come to a polling place to vote shouldn’t vote anyway.

  2. I don't agree

    I don’t agree with that. What people are able to do without all the influence of whoever has the better “advertising” is read it and decide for themselves w/o all the bull in between. Plus, some people work and aren’t able to get to vote. So if anything I think they should extend the voting an extra day. It’s hard for people to get to the polls. Mail in ballets and so forth are more convenient and makes it so more people can actually vote.

  3. WakeUP!

    Mail-in ballots and other forms of off-site voting are a source of major corruption. It might actually be preferable to eliminate absentee voting altogether. Thousands of sick, dieing, mentally ill, and vegetative voters cast ballots every election – and who really casts the vote?

    Prop 14 may have actually lost at the polls.

    People are easily duped by the ballot language. New information comes out up to election day. The polls can remain open longer for one day of voting.

    Advertising and other media information is what informs voters, and we don’t have enough of it … if people vote early they are too uninformed, in most cases, to be allowed to vote.

  4. Craig

    Prop 14 was marketed as “increases the right to participate in primary elections” — that phrase was even included in the ballot measure heading in bold type. Sounds good, right? Most people don’t stop to think that it dooms third parties, or is undemocratic by picking the “top two”, even if they get less than 50% of the initial combined vote. Republicans won’t be happy if they end up with two Democrats on the general election ballot…

  5. Welcome to the jungle, California.

    I give it four years before they flip back to the old way.

  6. clara bell

    this is a very serious blow to liberty, what can be done to stop this?

  7. Vince

    Does anybody check their facts anymore?

    Prop 14:
    YES: 48.1%, NO: 51.9%


  8. Jim

    Vince, looks like you posted Orange County results.

  9. Jim Riley

    More likely is that a larger share of voters who vote on election day simply vote NO on every proposition. A by-mail voter might come to a proposition they don’t understand, and do some more research. In-person voters might intend to do some more checking, but if they don’t, will simply vote against anything they are unsure of.

    DTS voters might have been a larger share of the by-mail vote than those who voted on election day. They might not have bothered to request a Republican or Democratic party ballot – they have to call a phone number to find out which parties are permitting them to vote, and then make an active request to the county election officials to send them a ballot. If they don’t, then then they get sent a non-partisan ballot. Or some might have requested a Democratic ballot, and then found out that there were no races of interest. And even when they got a partisan ballot, they would have been aware of the whole inanity of the process.

    Election day voters were probably more driven to vote in the Republican primary because of the top of the ballot races, and may not have recognized that the primary race for Assembly in their district was between two Democrats.

  10. “This vote shows exactly why mail-in ballots, on-line elections and early voting should be eliminated” => do you have a job?

    as for the person who said this is a serious blow to liberty, that doesn’t make sense. This is the way they do it in Europe and it’s giving people more choices, plain and simple

  11. Demo Rep

    100 percent snail mail ballots in Oregon — just north of CA.

    The OR regime seems to survive.

  12. WakeUP!

    “as for the person who said this is a serious blow to liberty, that doesn’t make sense. This is the way they do it in Europe and it’s giving people more choices, plain and simple”

    Sorry, but you are one of those uninformed voters who shouldn’t be voting.

    Europeans do NOT have any electoral system the same as or similar to Prop 14.

    While ballot restrictions still pertain, it is far easier to qualify multiple parties and independents for the General Election ballot in nearly every European country. Some have runnoffs under differing circumstances, but …

    NO COUNTRY in Europe has created this kind of a one-party, state controlled system since the fall of the USSR.

    California is now following the Stalinist model for elections.

    Evil people are fooling the ignorant into opening the gate for Trojan Horse propositions and proposals.

  13. WakeUP!

    California is now following the Stalinist model for elections.

    This means, of course, after this new, evil, one-party, state controlled electoral system is put into effect.

  14. clara bell

    wakeup you are right my friend, this legislation is pure bs.

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