Texas Democrats Sue Green Party

On June 10, the Texas Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in state court in Austin, seeking a court order to prevent the Green Party from certifying the names of its nominees to the Secretary of State. See this story. The case is probably called Texas Democratic Party v Texas Green Party. The case number is not available yet.

The Texas Democratic Party also seeks a court order to allow its attorneys to take depositions to find out who donated money to pay for the party’s petition drive.


Texas Democrats Sue Green Party — 16 Comments

  1. I haven’t seen the Democratic Party’s brief. The attorney for the Democratic Party is so close-mouthed, he won’t even tell me the case number, and when I called the clerk of the court, I was told it isn’t in the system yet.

  2. Layman that I am, it appears that the Dems will have a hard time shooting down the petition. The petition is valid. But whether the Greens get in trouble campaign contribution wise is a another deal all together.

    A lot of hot air coming out of the Texas Dem head Boyd Richie.

  3. — people here in Ulster County NYS (New Paltz, Woodstock etc.) will enjoy reading BAN for further news on this Great state of Texas Green Party v Dem Party political / control story.

    (school teacher Lyndon Johnson, … career rested on the ultra-massive election fraud of his first senatorial “victory. )

  4. Do you guys not read IPR?

    Listen…Texas law bars corporations from giving money and donations to parties and candidates. That’s Texas law.

    A corporation gave the Green Party of Texas a “gift” of 90,000 signatures.

    It is, therefore, illegal, according to the interpretations.

  5. Are things heating up a bit with the coming 2011-2012 gerrymander WARS in ALL States ???

    Mainly involved — perhaps $ 1.5 TRILLION in annual marginal taxes/fees in all the regimes going or NOT going to the various govt special interest gangs.

  6. Great idea, Paulie. The organization could be launched by Bonusgate veterans from Pennsylvania, the Democratic legislative staffers who worked on state time and used taxpayer-funded resources to knock Ralph Nader off the presidential ballot in 2004.

  7. Actually, I think we should launch it ourselves and invite them to join. It should issue press releases, conduct interviews, write letters to the editor, etc.

  8. The supplemental petition was incidental to the Green Party’s precinct conventions.

    See Texas Election Code 253.104 and 257.002

  9. Ballot access reform now! Either get 30,000 votes in a House or Senate election, or collect a number of signatures equal to the square root of 30,000*EV for Pres, 30,000*House reps for House and 30,000*Senators for Senate.

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