Massachusetts Senate Passes National Popular Vote Bill

On the evening of July 15, the Massachusetts Senate passed H4156, the National Popular Vote Plan bill for electing the president.  The bill had passed the House in June.  The bill needs one more procedural vote and then it goes to the Governor’s desk.  See this story.  Thanks to Derek Cressman for the news.


Massachusetts Senate Passes National Popular Vote Bill — 5 Comments

  1. That’s awesome. If the Governor signs this, Massachusetts will add its 12 electoral votes to make it 73/270 of what is needed.

    I hope Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington get some company.

    Any impressions on whether Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will sign the bill?

  2. Where is the approval by the gerrymander Congress of the NPV scheme ??? — Art. I, Sec. 10.

    What about the EQUAL protection clause in 14th Amdt, Sec. 1 — having votes OUTSIDE of a sovereign State determine the election results INSIDE such State ???

    Sorry – the NPV folks are constitutional law MORONS.

    Proper remedy – one more election related constitutional amdt –
    1. Uniform definition of U.S.A. Elector.
    2. P.R. – legislative bodies
    3. App.V. — NONPARTISAN elected executive/judicial officers.

  3. Great to see that the Senate finally openly debated and passed this bill, its a huge step towards making sure our votes for President here in Massachusetts really matter in the next election.

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