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Michigan Sleuths Find Link Between Democratic Party Official and the Ballot-Qualified Tea Party

Published on July 28, 2010, by in General.

This story reveals that some detective work has found a link between an official of the Democratic Party of Michigan, and the successful petition drive that put the Tea Party on the Michigan ballot.  The story also reveals that the party’s nominees, so far at least, are not making themselves available to the press.  Thanks to Babette Hogan for the link.

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  2. clay

    Is that available on Nook?

  3. Deran

    It seems to me that since Nader in 2000, the two major parties have really caught on to the idea of using minor party candidates on the political spectrum closer to their major party opponent as a campaign weapon. No doubt this has gone on before, but it seems to be getting more wise use; MI Tea Party and the TX Green Party.

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