Anti-Prohibition Party Files 22,000 Signatures for New York Statewide Slate

On August 17, the Anti-Prohibition Party filed 22,000 for its statewide slate of candidates.  That state includes Kristin Davis for Governor, and Vivia Morgan for U.S. Senate, short term.  Morgan hosts “The Viva Morgan Show” on the Brooklyn Community Media Network.  She believes she is the first Jamaican-American to run for the U.S. Senate in any state.


Anti-Prohibition Party Files 22,000 Signatures for New York Statewide Slate — 9 Comments

  1. I think this year is looking good for the Greens. They turned in 50 volumes of signatures. They must have a broader network, or at least the ability to convince more people to carry.

    I think Howie Hawkins is going to prove to be a tough customer this fall.

    Davis has been a disappointment so far. Is 22,000 sigs really a success for this campaign? I wonder how many districts she collected from. I’ll bet it’s all from the city & surrounding area.

    the Freedom Party has had quite an achievement with their numbers.

    I’m surprised not to see the diversity party on the boe site. They ran ads on Craigslist looking for paid petitioners all over the state. I wonder what happened?

  2. the number of signatures collected hardly predicts how may votes a candidate will get. Only an amatuer Green Party freak would think so. Howie Hawkins? Who?
    No one has ever heard of him and no one ever will– a
    nobody. If the voters want a crazy left-wing party they can just vote for the Democrats.

    22,000 solid signatures beats the 32 volumes of CRAP I reviewed at the Board of Elections- forgeries,non-voters and illegals. Worst petitions Ive ever reviewed.

    A lawyer who knows

  3. Well…as a fat slob who works in retail and only got a 155 on the LSAT I’ll just say that I think Davis is a total, total joke proped up by an aging trickster who should be in prison right about now, and that I don’t even believe she has thought through the theoretical and empirical raifications of her program, and that at least Hawkins has put in the REAL time necessary to cultivate a cohesive political platform – regardless the relative strength of its merits – and an understanding of how a state-wide campaign is handled without corporate blow hard money coming down from above, with real grassroots support rather than astroturf. Howie Hawkins gets the votes he does get on his issues and without without simply being in it for the attention.

  4. Anti-Prohibition Party?
    “Drink up. The world’s about to end.” – Arthur Dent (or was it Ford Prefect?)

  5. Clay–stick to retail– u dont know shit about politics.
    Davis will leave Howie Hawkins ( ugly, inarticulate and poorly groomed)in the dust.

    Tell Howie he has to work on his hygiene and ought to try bathing—soap doesnt hurt–really !

    Next time tell Howie to shave his whole face–not just half

    The man will win NO votes–outside the East Village

    cohesive agenda? Crazy leftwing tax and spend horseshit that got us where we are today.

    ZERO chance the Greens get 50,000 votes- your candidate and platform are repugnant to anyone with a brain.

  6. Paul J, The problem with the Paladino…er…Davis campaign is there are no ideas – even questionable ones – for dealing with…um…anything. The Davis campaign says this: “Our candidate wants voters to know that she sold prostitutes to Albany politicians and went to prision. She wants us all to gamble and smoke pot. That’s all….oh, and something, but not really, about money.” It’s purely an ego trip and a fun kind of pet project for Mr. Stone.

  7. Paul J, you truly are clueless. You have “troll” written all over your posts. Howie got 41% of the vote in his run for City Council in Syracuse. He has pockets of support and the human resources to reach them to get 50,000 votes. The Greens have won mayoral races and town council races in parts of the state.

    Green Party petitions are ALWAYS very good and very clean. They have a very well organized and experienced petition cleaning operation.

    BTW Cecile Lawrence is Jamaican born and is one of the Green candidates for U.S Senate in NY.

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