Pennsylvania Ballot Access Rally at State Capitol Draws Some Press Attention

On October 29, Pennsylvanians who want ballot access reform held a rally at the State Capitol.  State Senator Mike Folmer, sponsor of one of this session’s ballot access reform bills, addressed the group.  See this story.  Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.


Pennsylvania Ballot Access Rally at State Capitol Draws Some Press Attention — 2 Comments

  1. Lingenfelter…that was the surname of the girl who ran for president of the Environmentalist Party around 1995, when there was a split between the monarchists (represented by Bogatirev) and democatics (represented by Lingenfelter).

    There were two conventions, and the democratic one went on to become the US Parliament.

    Pretty much what will happen with the Free and Equal Party. The democratic faction has been absorbed into The USA Parliament, Inc., along with the Environmentalist Party.

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  2. The North Atlantic Super-state Parliament Circuit #3
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