West Virginia Senator Tomblin Will Hold Two Posts, Governor and State Senator

West Virginia State Senator Earl Tomblin is scheduled to become acting Governor of West Virginia as soon as Governor Joe Manchin resigns to become a U.S. Senator.  This story covers a press conference held by Senator Tomblin.  He has no plans to ask the legislature to pass a bill providing for a special gubernatorial election, but says if there is a public desire for such a special election, then he would support that idea.

West Virginia does not elect a Lieutenant Governor, and the State Constitution says the President of the State Senate becomes Governor when the Governor leaves office in the middle of a gubernatorial term.  The Constitution says a special election should be held to fill a vacant gubernatorial seat if there is more than one year to go in the term, but does not say when the special election should be held.

Senator Tomblin says he will remain a State Senator, but he will not vote in the State Senate.


West Virginia Senator Tomblin Will Hold Two Posts, Governor and State Senator — 7 Comments

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  3. Florida had a similar situation some 55 years ago. The incumbent governor died. The president of the Senate – Charley Johns – became acting Governor. He held onto his senate seat while serving as acting Governor. The Court ruled a special election had to be held to fill the remaining two years of the deceased governor’s term. Acting Governor Johns was opposed by a state senator in this special election named Leroy Collins. Colling defeated Johns in the 2nd Democratic Primary, and went on to win the election in November with nominal opposition. Acting Governor Johns, after Collins took office, resumed his seat in the state senate and serve there for another dozen years. I do not recall ever reading anything which implied Johns would have won had he resigned his senate seat. Most people thought Johns was too ultra-conservative and “good ole boy” politics (by the standards of that day) and Collins was perceived more of a progressive Democrat and was more popular in populous south Florida. So history “repeats” itself.

  4. An Alabama Independent: New Jersey had the same problem from 2001-2006. During that timeframe, two governors resigned, leading the President of the Senate to serve as Acting Governor. He held both jobs as well. IIRC, the law ended up being changed after this.

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