Virginia House Passes Bill Moving 2011 Primary from June to August

Virginia elects members of its state legislature in odd years, including 2011. Normally Virginia primaries are in June (for office other than President). On January 19, the Virginia House unanimously passed HB 1507, which moves this year’s primary from June 14 to August 23. The bill also moves the petition for minor party and independent candidates, for 2011 only, from June 14 to August 23.

This bill is needed because the state won’t have time to draw legislative district boundaries, unless the primary is postponed.

Virginia has no statewide offices up this year. The state executive positions are only up in the odd years that follow presidential election years, such as 2009 and 2013.


Virginia House Passes Bill Moving 2011 Primary from June to August — No Comments

  1. How many party hacks LOVE playing games with election dates ???

    Do election law bureaucrats LOVE the resulting CHAOS ???

    New gerrymander districts will be done within 24 hours after the Census folks send out the population data on DVDs — to be merged with prior election stats by the party hack gerrymander experts (aka hired guns) — colored maps, peaks and valleys of party hack support — to win a bare majority of the gerrymander districts.

    All very pre-school EVIL — to control regimes for another 10-14 years.

    Some state senators were elected for 4 year terms in 2010 — the 2000 Census had its EVIL effects for 2001-2014.

    Any wikileaks spies watching the gerrymander WAR criminals behind steel doors in underground bunkers ???

    P.R. and App.V.

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