Setback for West Virginia National Popular Vote Plan Bill

On February 22, the West Virginia House Rules Committee delayed HB 2378, the National Popular Vote Plan bill. That bill had passed the Judiciary Committee on February 17. See this story.


Setback for West Virginia National Popular Vote Plan Bill — No Comments

  1. Perhaps a WV person reads this blog ???

    NO uniform definition of Elector-Voter in the NPV SCHEME from Hell.

    i.e. — possible FOREIGN enemies, felons, children, mentally ill, and even outer space folks being allowed to vote for Prez/VP in one or more usual suspect States.

  2. Delegate Gary Howell explains NPV:
    Delegate Gary Howell, R-Mineral, has prepared an amendment that would rename the bill the “West Virginia’s Votes Won’t Count Act.”

    “Because that’s exactly what this bill does,” Howell said.

    “If the state of West Virginia – all 1.8 million in population – voted for Harry S. Truman for president and Dewey won the national vote, then all of West Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Dewey instead of the person they voted for, canceling out the vote of everyone in West Virginia.”

  3. Delegate Howell is in error to say the bill should be named “West Virginia’s Votes Won’t Count Act.” All of West Virginia’s popular votes would count toward determining who won the presidency. It’s popular votes that should determine who becomes president.

  4. # 3 Popular votes — IF there is a const. amdt. having a UNIFORM definition of Elector in ALL of the U.S.A. — including D.C. and the empire colonies — Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.

    What State does NOT have ALL of the Electors in such State vote for Statewide elected officers ???

    Even in Wisconsin with its current party hack chaos regarding certain laws.

  5. #3 In 2008, West Virginia did not execute its Certificate of Ascertainment until December 16. If West Virginia does not join the NPV scheme, how are the other states supposed to know how many “popular” votes were cast in West Virginia?

  6. # 6 Democracy — direct or indirect — majority rule

    monarchy/oligarchy — direct or indirect — minority rule

    The U.S.A. and State regimes are ANTI-Democracy minority rule oligarchies due to ANTI-Democracy gerrymanders.

    LOTS and LOTS of IGNORANT folks about gerrymander math — due to the rotted to the core publik skoooooools — and the party hack SCOTUS math morons in gerrymander cases.

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