Arizona Bill Signed for Tea Party License Plates

On April 28, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1402, which adds ten new categories of specialized license plates, including a “Don’t Tread on Me” plate that will raise money for an Arizona Tea Party Committee (see section 28-2439.01 of the bill). Groups that wish to profit by any of these specialized license plates take some risk, however. They must pay $32,000 to the state to start the process. Then the state manufactures and sells the license plate for $25, and the sponsoring group receives $18 for each plate sold. Obviously, if the plate is unpopular, the sponsoring groups may lose money.

The part of the law concerning the Tea Party says that the Tea Party Committee’s mission is to bring together, empower, and train tea party groups, to work for these goals: (1) promoting the Constitution; (2) promoting limited government; (3) protecting state sovereignty; (4) standing for the security of borders with other nations. Thanks to Ken Bush for this news.


Arizona Bill Signed for Tea Party License Plates — 11 Comments

  1. What about ALL of the ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders in the Fed and State regimes since 4 July 1776 ???

    Half the votes in half the gerrymander districts is about 25 percent minority rule.

    Much worse math in primary elections.

    Is politics in the U.S.A. TOTALLY brain dead or what due to the business as usual gerrymanders ???

    Is Economics taking over — as in 1773-1776 and 1854-1861 ??? — so that certain things automatically happen ???

  2. It is embarrassing when our government tries to operate like a for-profit business.

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  5. It is one more totally outrageous event that the party hacks are putting the platform of ANY party into a State law.

    What next – the leftwing / rightwing platform of the Donkeys / Elephants ???

    how many license plates would the arizona tea gang have to sell (& get $18 per) in order to recoup their $32,000 expense?
    Ironically just about 1,776 plates (“1776”!)


    p.s.: tho i’m in missouri,as for me, i’d like a plate honoring Ballot-Access News. :>)

  7. #9 – the “T(axed) E(nough) A(lready)” parties are mostly run by the GOP, so not much difference… though the BTP is vastly different!

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