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Arizona Secretary of State Confirms that Green Party is On Ballot for 2012

Published on June 8, 2011, by in General.

On June 7, the Arizona Secretary of State officially notified the Green Party that it is ballot-qualified for 2012. Although the Green Party did not poll 5% for Governor in 2010, and though it does not have two-thirds of 1% of the voters registered into the party, the party is on under a bill that passed this year. The bill says parties that petition for ballot status are on for two elections, not just one election. The Green Party had successfully petitioned in 2010 in Arizona, so it qualifies for 2012 as well. There had been some fear that the Secretary of State would rule that the 2010 petition didn’t count for 2012, but that fear is now groundless. Thanks to Leenie Halbert for this news.

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  1. Congratulations to the GP for getting on the ballot. Keep on pressing for more ballot access for third parties!

  2. Cody Quirk

    Good for them!

  3. Well, this is good news. This will obviate the problem that led the party to sue me and other candidates in federal court 2010 because we won the party’s primary with only a handful of votes (I got 6) in a primary. (We won in court, the party lost.)

    An established party in Arizona, which the Greens are now, requires write-in primary candidates to achieve the minimum number of signatures they would have had to get to petition onto the ballot. Thus there will be no suggestion that any of the 2012 Arizona Green Party candidates are “sham” candidates.

    Candidates who win the party’s primaries have no need to seek party “endorsement” to be legitimate. The Arizona Green Party must understand, like the Democrats and Republicans do, that the party-favored candidates do not always win primaries and that these primary winners are still the legitimate candidates of that party.

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