Prohibition Party Nominates Jack Fellure for President

On June 22, the Prohibition Party national convention nominated Jack Fellure for President, and Toby Davis for Vice-President Fellure is a retired engineer who lives in West Virginia. Davis is a church pastor who lives in Mississippi.


Prohibition Party Nominates Jack Fellure for President — 44 Comments

  1. No, it took two ballots, because no one had a majority on the first ballot.

  2. That is a very out-dated photo of Jack on his website. He is in his 70s now. I met him a few years ago at a Heritage Days event in Putnam County. Nice guy. Best of luck. He’ll need 7136 petition signatures for his home state ballot access.

  3. He needs to change his last name. People are going to think “Failure”, instead of his stands on the issues. Plus, his website needs to get a better picture.

  4. Go Jack Fellure. I just sent him a contribution to his campaign. I wish him the best of luck.

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  6. Fellure is a surname of French derivation. If Barack Obama can get elected President in a year when the name Osama Bin Laden was a virtual curse word, I’m sure Mr. Fellure’s surname will not be a problem.

  7. Oh yeah, Fellure is much worse than “Peroutka” and “Badnarik.” No offense to either Michael, but those were, without doubt, two of the worst political names I’ve ever run across. We had a guy in our office in 2004 who insisted on referring to Peroutka as “Palooka.”

    I suspect that Fellure is not pronounced anything like “failure,” though I admit that I am guessing. Good luck to him and anyone else with the courage to be the “Man In The Arena.”

    Hopefully, the CP will find somebody with a Goode name this time. OK, OK I’m leaving.


  9. What a horrible, horrible decision. Instead of choosing a long time credible party member, they go with a mentally deranged Republican. No wonder the Prohibition Party has become such a joke among America’s pure non-corporate parties.

  10. I rather have to agree with #13… I thought being the only elected Prohibitionist in America would be an important consideration myself.

  11. #13-15 You are all correct. Jim Hedges should have gotten the nomination for the Prohibition Party. But Jack Fellure was chosen. He’s the candidate for 2012. So get over yourselves and if you support Prohibition, then vote for him. Put principles above party.

    And for all the wise guys making fun of the name “Fellure,” then look to Richard Winger’s comment. The name is not what matters; it’s the principles and values that the candidate supports.

  12. Both James Hedges and Jack Fellure are fine men.
    Jack Fellure is eloquent, comes across as a pleasant man, and will represent the Prohibition Party well.
    I predict an upswing in states balloted and votes obtained for the Prohibition ticket in 2012

  13. The picture on that website isn’t Fellure. It is a picture of Gary Alford, the owner of the website, who is 51. As far as I can tell, Alford wrote the page as an endorsement of Fellure.

  14. To j.d. fargo and others who seem to be “nabobs of know it all” let me say I was there at this historic 36th Quadrennial Prohibition National Convention. I can assure you Mr. Hedges was not stabbed in the back. In fact, Mr. Hedges was offered the VP spot but relinguished that offer to Toby Davis.

    The Prohibition Party is composed of Christians – not secular conservatives – like some 3rd parties are. The Prohibition Platform adopted at Cullman is one which is closer to a genuine populist platform based on Christian principles. This party really cares about people – not profits for the worshipers of the unbridled capitalist system -again as some 3rd parties do.

    For j.d. fargo to suggest that Jim Hedges in not receiving the nomination in a very close ballot “…says alot about the character of these people” shows he/she obviously was not there and knows little or nothing about the character of these good patriotic Americans. It is nothing but unadulterated gall for j.d. fargo to suggest such. All Prohibitionists are very well aware and appreciative of the great work and dedication that Jim Hedges has done for this historic group for many years. But had j.d. fargo been there, he/she might have been privy to other factors which favored Fellure.

    The Prohibition Party stands for National Sovereignty, withdrawing from the United Nations and repealing the Federal Reserve System. But as true fiscal conservatives, the Prohibition Party also recognizes that some 40% of our taxes are spent to take care of the boozers, the smokers, and the gamblers whose destructive lifestyles have caused them social, medical, and legal problems and costs – which the rest of us Americans have to take care of and pay for.

    So you LPers and CPers who smoke your cigarettes and drink your beer, either “put up or shut up.” If you really cared about reducing taxes, then you’d join with the Prohibition Party and help them call for prohibiting the manufacture and sale of all Alcohol and Tobacco products, and a total prohibition on all Gambling activities.

    But I’m not holding my breath waiting.

  15. Does Mr. Fellure have a facebook page, an e-mail address or does he even use the internet?

  16. “the Prohibition Party also recognizes that some 40% of our taxes are spent to take care of the boozers, the smokers, and the gamblers whose destructive lifestyles have caused them social, medical, and legal problems and costs” ————– and 61% for just the military arm of the global American Empire.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, THERE’s the deficit!

  17. Does the Prohibition Party now believe that homosexuality should be criminalized?

  18. Alabama Independent,
    Apparently your party is oblivious to the fact that our Christian founding fathers drank, smoked, and gambled. Not sure about where they were on sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll though.


  20. Sooo…our good pal Alabama Independent is now a half-deranged Prohibitionist! Never saw that one coming. If anybody in modern politics believes that Prohibition was and still is a good policy, they need to have their head examined. The facts show that Prohibition was a cmplrte and total FAILURE and actually creted a heck of a lot more problems then it “stopped”! Furthermore, under a Prohibitionist philosophy, we should ban anythig that can possibly be harmful to humans. Example: ban alchohol because it hurts people. Well why stop there? Let’s ban plastic bags as well. Babies sometimes choke and die on them. So BAN THEM!!! The mindset of Prohibition gives the government a nanny state status that can regulate almst every area of our lives. Prohibition is a dangerous and demoralizing policy to uphold.

  21. I know Jim Hedges, who is a wonderful, remarkable man, and I too wanted the convention to nominate him. But I am not a party member and I would not presume to second-guess the delegates. Alabama Independent, I very much appreciate your perspective on this, your having actually observed the party in session. J.D. Fargo, you are certainly entitled to express your opinion, but to call the delegates of the nation’s oldest living third party a bunch of “want to bees” and “clowns” is over the top. What do you think they want to be?? Like all of us (Libertarians, Greens, Constitionalists, independents, whatever),Prohibitionists know that the presidential winner in 2012 will have a D or an R by his or her name; but like most of us, they hope for something better in the future.

  22. I have just been advised that Mr. Fellure does not have an e-mail address.

    So it seems the Convention members just ignored Mr. Gordon’s discussion of “new media” as well as Mr. Hedges’ long years of sacrifice.

    The problem is that we have no idea who Mr. Fellure is other than what was posted on the “Sword of 1611” website. And what’s posted on that website is very troubling: he seems to want to turn the U.S. into a theocracy where being a homosexual is illegal (think Iran). The man is 79 years old and has run in every presidential election since 1988 as a Republican (he is not a third party man).

    Perhaps he can convince some people to vote for him, though I believe voters on this level would like more information on candidates. Mr. Fellure doesn’t even have a wikipedia page and probably will not. This will have the effect of wiping the Prohibition Party from the wikipedia template and page for the 2012 election (a large number of people get their information from there).

    Party Vice-Chairman June Griffin just advised me that Hedges’ “positions regarding Environmentalism and passivity toward war forced me to vote for Jack Fellure.”

    It’s disenchanting that a one-issue party would reject years of loyalty and the ability to gain greater ballot access for views on issues extraneous to the main cause.

  23. To all friends and onlookers,
    Jim Hedges will be assuming the vital position of Executive Secretary of the Party in order to handle its day to day operations. In all honesty it may be a more crucial role than that of our presidential nominee. More information on the platform and convention will be released later today.
    I pray that God blesses you all this very day.

  24. J.D. Fargo, so are you now happy that Jim Hedges got the Executive Secretary of the party? I refer you back to my comment #16. IT’S TIME to STOP WHINING and MOVE ON. Alabama Independent and Dave Gillespie have some wonderful insights into all of this. Listen to them.

    BTW, for a guy who is technologically illeterate and who doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia page, or even an email account in existence, Jack Fellure is generating a lot of discussion on the net – obviously, 32 comments already!

  25. no sir. its stands for jack dewayne fargo a political junkie from the great state of tennessee.

  26. #33 am i happy? no at the end of the day this will be the peak and high water mark for the coverage of the prohibition party and its nominees.i believe in loyalty. this was my only concern. my vote in 2012 will go to the strongestcandidate against the neo marist and socialist we have in the white house.we should all be thankful we still live in a country that allows us to match wits with easch other.i meant no real harm to anyone i was just angry over the fact of the treatment mr. hedged received.this is my very last comment on this subject

  27. j.d. fargo. I hate to disappoint you, but the Prohibition nominees for 2012 – Jack Fellure and Toby Davis – have not reached …the peak and high water mark for the coverage of the prohibition party and its nominees.” Just stay tuned. The fact Jim Hedges did not receive the nomination – in a close vote – had nothing to do with loyalty or disloyalty. If you had been there and if you knew the philosophical makeup of the majority of the delegates, you would fully understand why Dr. Fellure was chosen. Jim Hedge’s many years of contributions are appreciated by all – Fellure supporters as well as Hedges supporters. Jim Hedges is the new PNC Secretary and will have much influence on the future direction of this historical party. Again, just stay tuned.

  28. Alabama Independent- You did not respond to #28 above. I would be interested in your response.

  29. Casual Bystander: I thought I had responded to #28 – if only indirectly. As far as him/her calling me a “half-deranged Prohibitionist!” this comes with the territory. Although a political Independent, I am also an unashamed Prohibitionist among over things. Usually people like #28 have no answer of substance, so they resort to “school yard retorts.” It was probably in a post on the other news story – “Alabama Newspaper Story on Prohibition Party Presidential Convention” – where I did respond to his/her “plastic bags and babies” comment. I’ll repeat that post: “And this silly nonsense of we should also ban plastic bags because a child may suffocate by one, really doesn’t even deserve a comment. But when was the last time you saw a sign in a store which advertised “Plastic Bags to suffocate your child in?” How silly.”

    Also, his comment of “The facts show that Prohibition was a cmplrte and total FAILURE and actually creted a heck of a lot more problems then it “stopped”! I posted earlier my response to these groundless comments with the truthful statement of: “Prohibition did not FAIL! Prohibition was not ENFORCED! Read the real facts. True, where it was not enforced (which included most of the nation) it did “fail.” Where it was enforced, it worked. Again read all the facts.”

    There will always be those who refuse to read and accept the Truth. If Libertarian Voter wants to be one of those types, this is why we live in a “free country.” Hope these were the questions you wanted me to answer.

  30. “Alabama Independent” was a delegate at our convention (Hey guy,I recognize your writing style!)
    The choice of (evangelist) Fellure over myself (secular progressive) was reasonable, given the religious demographic: Most of the delegates were Evangalical Christians. These folks believe (a) that all of the world’s problems would (magically) disappear if the world could be “brought back to Jesus” and (b) that, because Jesus will come soon and rapture them all to Heaven, what happens here on Earth is of little importance. In their lingo, they are “in the world, but not of the world.”
    And therefore, my emphasis on problem-solving struck them as irrelevant.
    However, I am pleased that I received a plurality on the first ballot.
    About Fellure, “Alabama Independent” asked him, before the vote: Do you have email? “No.” Do you have a computer? “No.” Do you have a cell phone? “No.” Would you take time away from your evangelistic work to campaign for yourself? “No.” Would you spend any of your own money on your campaign? “No.” — and then they gave him the nomination, anyway!
    I think our best strategy, at this point, will be to concentrate on ballot access, collect our usual handful of protest votes, and hope for a better day ahead.

  31. Well said, Mr. Hedges. Best of luck to you in attaining meaningful ballot status.

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