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New Jersey Democrats Won’t Replace Carl Lewis with Another Nominee

Published on September 27, 2011, by in General.

This story says it is virtually certain that the Democratic Party of Burlington County, New Jersey, won’t replace Carl Lewis with a new nominee for State Senate in the 8th district, in the election of November 8, 2011. It is very common in most states for the two major parties to fail to nominate anyone for many legislative seats However, it is rare in New Jersey for either major party to ever fail to run someone for a legislative race. The 8th district will be the only State Senate race in New Jersey this year without nominees from both major parties. In the 8th district, the Republican nominee will be the only name on the ballot.

Lewis, a former Olympic star, is off the ballot because he didn’t meet the duration of residency requirement, and because his lawsuit to overturn that requirement did not win.

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  1. Carol L. Palermo

    You are making a big mistake. There are several worthy candidates that can run for the Senate.

    Have you considered Jeremya Trotter of Hainesport?

  2. Demo Rep

    Candidate/incumbent replacement lists.

    Due to more and more ANTI-Democracy enemies (and ordinary lunatic nutcases) ALL legislative bodies must be 24/7.

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