Americans Elect Nomination Procedures Explained by John Avlon

John Avlon has this article on CNN, detailing how presidential candidates may qualify for the Americans Elect on-line presidential primary. The article says candidates nominated by the Americans Elect leadership need 10,000 “clicks” from the ranks of people who have signed up to be voters in the Americans Elect primary. Those not suggested by the leadership need 100,000 “clicks”. The story also says that currently, 110,000 people have signed up to be Americans Elect primary voters.


Americans Elect Nomination Procedures Explained by John Avlon — No Comments

  1. Richard: before Unity 08, are you aware of any efforts to create a “party without an ideology”?

  2. #2, I can’t think of any examples from the past. When Ross Perot started the Reform Party in September 1995, it certainly had an obvious stance on things like deficit spending.

    If the U.S. had decent ballot access laws, as we had in the past, and as other free countries have, Americans Elect wouldn’t need to be doing what it is doing. In 1924, Senator La Follette didn’t enter the race as an independent Progressive until July 4, 1924. Back then the number of signatures for the whole country was under 100,000, and the average state had an October (of the election year) petition deadline.

  3. That’s why I said Reform party circa 2000.

    What all did Buchanan, Ventura, Fulani and Hagelin have in common?

  4. Paulie,

    As MT RP Chairman and delegate to the RP 2000 Convention in Long Beach, I believe it was a quest for the limelight and the millions that the Reform Paty received from the FEC…or perhaps that’s just my cynicism coming out.

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